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Graphite by Montana

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Graphite is a men's fragrance launched in 2011 by Montana

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Reviews of Graphite by Montana

There are 13 reviews of Graphite by Montana.

Cedar bliss, peppery and piquant, Graphite is the cedar-lover's fragrance, as it really has all those associations of cedar: hope chests, freshly cut wood, wood chips, pencil shavings, the whole nine yards of cedar.

However, it isn't one dimensional, the cedar planks are flanked with violet leaf that provides a somewhat green, vegetal contrast, quenching geranium to counter the dryness, and various supporting woods (guaiac, sandalwood) to lend different shades to all the woodiness.

This is well-blended and the great quality belies its small price-tag.


It's hard to fault a fragrance as well-conceived and built as this one. It's a touch too severe for my tastes, but it's a terrific evocation of its namesake.

Graphite is all autumnal heart, mind, body and soul. This lovely tonic captures the subtleties of a seasonal shift. I liken it to "a letting go" and to "a moving forward". It is a cedar chest of dusty, rusty, misty, creamy hints of peppered violet thoughts and dry resinous etchings. If penciled thoughts had a scent, Graphite would be it. Reflective glory, indeed! Beautiful!

Love this - Cedar heaven. Three wood notes dominate throughout with a hint of pepper and all rounded out with an amber accord and a smoothing benzoin note. So it's quite creamy altogether but with an acidic edge like the sap in cut wood. I saw logs for my fire and often sniff them when they've fallen off the bench just cut, and the smell is a less concentrated version of this.

I thought this was a linear scent when I first got it, but now I get the floral notes too pushing through adding interest. I understand the references to pencil-shavings but think that 'Graphite' is the lead of the (possibly chewed) pencil rather than the wood, that smooth/sharp sweet/sour tone a little reminiscent of what's achieved in Anthracite. I've seen the word 'Metallic' to describe violet leaf so maybe this with the lemony geranium and sharp bergamot combine to give an impression of the tang of tongue on carbon.
Great for the price, lasts ages on my skin, and is useful for layering too. A winner.

Sneezy woods with a tiny bit of amber or violet? This is a very, very simple fragrance. Must be okay with strictly straight up pepper and woods. It is strong and unforgiving. Your eyes might tear up.

UPDATE: This is missing something. It's like an unfinished composition.

Potent and very woody. Lasts ages and has good projection. This is a good one!

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