Graphite fragrance notes

    • sage, bergamot, spices, leather, woods

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Add it all up - value, accessibility, unpretentiousness - Graphite by Bath and Body Works is a serviceable fragrance I'm comfortable wearing. I mostly wear it when visiting family in my hometown a few times a year and it makes me feel sophisticated enough for these parts. This isn't an overly wealthy area, nor does everyone need to spend a fortune the be well-turned-out. I've smelled far worse fragrances that cost many times more.
23rd December 2022
The graphitic sheen
Of homeopathic Noir
O'er the Bathlinade

Unobscured by the
Clean, clear, metallic citrus
With aquatic vibe

Somewhat explained by
Soothing noteponents which yield
A likely story.
19th April 2021