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Grapefruit by Jo Malone London

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Grapefruit is a shared scent launched in 1992 by Jo Malone London

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Reviews of Grapefruit by Jo Malone London

There are 30 reviews of Grapefruit by Jo Malone London.

I love grapefruit scents and other Jo Malone perfumes, but I was worried I wouldn't like this one because of the patchouli note. But it's a well-balanced scent and quite lovely, and the patchouli is not strong. Fresh and tart, not sweet. More unisex than other grapefruit scents I've tried.

A great rendition of a citrus-herbal scent. Bright. Leans more herbal and green, after a few minutes of application... I get a good amount of a paprika and patchouli mix, after awhile. Later, a touch of mint.

Stays the course for hours. It's good (if you like this style), mellow. One of the better citrus-herbal things I've tried. Hard to imagine this was released in the 90s - it smells modern.

Grapefruit and tangerine come "to the surface" again much later, rising, like low clouds in the morning.

Straight-up grapefruit scented fragrance that really seems to work better mixed with other Jo Malone scents...but is okay on its own.

Here is the fragrant triangle for this fragrance:
Top notes = grapefruit, tangerine
Heart notes = rosemary, mint, paprika, jasmine
Base notes = vetiver, patchouli, oakmoss

Grapefruit is helped along moderately by the tangerine, which are colored subtly with rosemary spice and mint, as well as jasmine flower. (Can't make out the paprika.) Base caps this straightforward scent with a decent dose of dry sweet vetiver and earthy oakmoss, along with similarly sweet and dark patchouli bush.

Longevity isn't great (an hour or two). Sillage is not bad, and overall this is a no-frills citrus and spice concoction that can really jazz things up in combination with other of JM's fragrances.

You wouldn't normally think of a grapefruit smell as being 'rounded' but that's what Jo Malone has done here. She brought out the fruitiness of the citrus, bolstered it with rosemary and sweetened it with a jasminesque floral. This is all set on a standard vetiver-chypre.
The result is the puckering acidity of the grapefruit has been modulated into pleasing tartness, which combines with the brown woody base to give an A sharp harmonic to the standard lemon-vetiver chord.
Good stuff, better than the rather stark name would suggest.

I did one of those fun "what should your signature scent be?" quizzes online, and the result I got was actually "Grapefruit" cologne by Jo Malone! :D So, just for laughs, I got a sample of it to try!
Yesterday I tried my sample of "Mure et Musc" by L'Artisan Parfumeur, and I have to say that wearing "Grapefruit" by Jo Malone is a huge relief by direct comparison! To my nose, "Mure et Musc" smells like a hundred strawberry shortcakes were bottled and made into a perfume, and I found that a bit headache inducing! Just wearing "Grapefruit" is actually refreshing by comparison! It's a very light, bright, sparkling, lively and invigorating scent! I actually think it is pretty nice on it's own, although yes, like Mushroom said, this whole fragrance line is made for layering!
That said, although I do enjoy the scent of this cologne, I think I would probably like it on a guy more than on myself. It is actually a more masculine citrus scent. Personally, on myself, I prefer wearing the Pink Grapefruit EDT from The Body Shop. It's a much prettier and more feminine grapefruit scent than Jo Malone's is. This one is mostly a sour and savory herbal scent, whereas "Pink Grapefruit" from The Body Shop has flowery and sweet notes added, making it a prettier scent. However, if what you want is a masculine or more unisex grapefruit, then yes, you probably want to check this one out! (Plus, Jo Malone probably has sweeter scents you could layer this with as well!)
Overall it is a very nice, pleasant smelling fragrance, and I definitely give it a thumbs up! It's worth trying at least once if you're a fan of citrus and sporty scents at all!

Staright up grapefruitI have only a sample and thank God!!Ok spring scent better suited for females..The scent starts heavy and ends light after about 2 hours..True to it's name to say the least..Pros: tolerableCons: poor longevity"

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