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House of Oud (2016)

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Reviews of Grape Pearls by House of Oud

There are 3 reviews of Grape Pearls by House of Oud.

15 seconds of fruit, in the beginning. Then, it is all rose and coffee, and musk. Dead-ringer, for Montale's Intense Café.

Base notes, are amber, vanilla. Great, but not original.
Oct 7, 2021

This is a very pretty and comforting fragrance...for me it starts out with a nice mellow coffee with undertones of blueberry...wierd combo , but it smells awesomebly it progresses i get the addition of fresh grapes and flowery touches...a little dash of rose makes an appearance...settles down to a warm comfy resiny vanilla...highly enjoyable...
Aug 25, 2020

My first sampling of The House of Oud is Grape Pearls, a 2016 release, which I figured I'd like based on the note breakdown and reception to date. As its notes suggest, it incorporates fruity touches with the eponymous grapes and blueberry, over what is a fairly dominant heart/base of rose, vanilla, and coffee. It's sweet and enjoyable, mostly gourmand with some green and floral touches, but overall, an enjoyable foody floral experience. The coffee is not a particularly strong coffee but feels more of latte in concert with the rose and vanilla.

I'd see the comparisons to Montale Intense Café but was, as always, skeptical about those comparisons, as sometimes they're exaggerated. In this case, however, Grape Pearls is reasonably close to Intense Café. There's a very similar rose/vanilla/coffee commonality that should be expected by anyone that tries this.

Grape Pearls is sold, along with other fragrances from The House of Oud, at Luckyscent for its retail pricing of $220 for 75ml, but is currently on discount side FragranceX for $161.50, alternatively. It's a tough sell considering that it is, in my estimation, at least 80% similar to Intense Café, which usually comes much cheaper than Grape Pearls, often under $100 for a 100ml bottle. That said, the House of Oud's presentation, which I've not seen in person yet but the topheaviness I've marveled from afar, is more elaborate than Montale's (or Mancera's), if that matters, which it doesn't much to me.

Overall, though a very enjoyable fragrance and quite a neat nod to gourmand and rose lovers, though the context of the existence of Intense Café does take away some from the jubilation of wearing it. I won't be buying it, as I already have Intense Café, but would encourage others to try it.

8 out of 10
Jan 27, 2020

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