The House where Christian Dior spent his childhood is located in Granville, in the Normandy region.

François Démachy:

I wanted to create a fragrance that was not only aromatic, since the property is overflowing with pine trees, but also very sharp and extremely fresh, to evoke the wind gusts and the waves that perpetually strike the rocks. In Granville, nature is all but calm. This fragrance is the scent of the wind that blows there.

Granville fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Lemon, Mandarin, Thyme
  • Heart

    • Rosemary, Pine, Gorse
  • Base

    • Black Pepper, Sandalwood, Oakmoss

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Latest Reviews of Granville

Its a regular masculine. Oakmoss, pine. Kinda soapy and clean. Its nice quality. Nice blend. I'm meh. Neutral. Could almost go down because of the price, but the quality of the ingredients and blending save it.
18th June 2020
Sweet and lemony citrus in the opening, very similar to 4711 and other "cologne" type fragrances. Into the drydown and the pine emerges but not overwhelmingly. It's a pleasant, natural pine that's mixed with the still lingering citrus-sweet opening that surprisingly hangs on to the end.

Fresh, clean and mature, Granville seems awfully masculine to my nose, but that's just a personal opinion. It definitely is very pleasant and light, so I'm sure anyone can pull this off. Probably best in warmer months.

Projection is just average throughout with good longevity on my skin, into the 6-8 hours range.
3rd February 2019

Classy pine heavy scent from Dior's La Collection Couturier Parfumeur series.

Granville is an aromatic-spicy-woods scent that has pine tree, bergamot, and rosemary spice dominating overall. Pepper and sandalwood remind me "L" by Clive Christian.

Warm weather friendly, unisex for sure...Granville is a casual scent that smells very well-made and a treat for lovers of pine moi! :-)
23rd October 2018
This initially seem s like like a supercharged cologne - lemony, green, dry, herby, and has some woody depth. But it's more than that. I love the feeling of pine woods it evokes. I think it may be close to my imprinted dream of French citrussy freshness and herbiness (with zero 'marine' stuff). I find it puts me in mind of soda water fizzing on rock at the beach - something almost limestony if such a thing could be smelled.

I wore it today on a hot sunny day locked up at work with stress and nonsense and it made the day brighter. It has very good staying power for something so citrussy, plenty of herbs (thyme) and spice (pepper) and it never goes into that oversweet verbena territory that many initially promising fresh scents often do.

I really like this - it's just complex enough and magically cooling. It is utterly, utterly French and is supposed to evoke the wind and pine of the Manche coast around Granville. As a child I used to stay very near Granville in the summers, but this doesn't really remind me of that coast in wind and seaside terms - maybe my standards for windswept coastlines are too high (as I was brought up near the dramatic and truly windswept Atlantic coast of the west of Ireland). However the pine and Frenchness of it are spot on.
24th May 2017
I'm not a big fan of pine notes. I guess I have too many childhood memories of pine air fresheners and scented cleaners that associate a cheap, overly accessible scent. And while Granville leads with pine, the supporting notes of lemon, herbs (rosemary/thyme/mint) and soft woods transform it into something wonderfully fresh and inviting.

I really enjoy Diptyque Hesperides, which was my very affordable version of Granville before I even knew it. But after discovering Dior discontinued it, I decided it was time to explore this fragrance. Longevity is rather like an EDC than an EDT, so one may find reapplying is necessary. I don't mind that, because not every fragrance has to be a powerhouse or bold enough to last 24 hours. This is something very office safe and yet, different from so many other fragrances. It comes somewhat close to being "mouthwash scent", but stops just short of it. A little more mint and it would smell terribly cheap. Ironically, retail prices are rather high for what you get, but it isn't the most popular fragrance from Dior's Couturier Collection so slightly used bottles can be had for very decent discounts. Get it before it starts becoming scarce!

Fragrance 8.1 / Value 7
6th April 2017
Granville is a fresh, woody, herbal, slightly spicy mix that reminds me of a traditional men's cologne along the lines of Dior Eau Sauvage or Chanel Pour Monsieur, though certainly it's quite different from both in actual smell. It nonetheless occupies an intersection of fresh and woody aromatic, a nice combination of lemon, pine, pepper, and sandalwood. It's not sweet at all, either. Performance is decent--moderate projection and longevity.

Work-safe and year-round wearable, versatility might be one of Granville's strongest attributes. It's agreeable,
To me, it's akin to Bois D'Argent in that it's very agreeable but nonetheless just a "like" not a "love," especially considering the price (standard Privee pricing of $210 for 125ml). I would certainly wear it if I had it but I probably wouldn't buy it apart from the sample I have.

Definitely worth trying--this could be a signature scent, especially for men.

7 out of 10
3rd August 2016
Updated Review:

Much like Cypres Musc by Creed, CD's Granville has grown on me. Either my sensibilities are maturing or I'm just schizophrenic. My enjoyment of the freshness of Granville is overcoming my aversion to it's medicinal nature. I'm feeling pretty good wearing this today. The medicinal herb/citrus bath is dirtied up by thyme and that's the slight strangeness that bothered me in the past...but I'm getting past it. This is a thumbs up for me now. :)

I got a good sized sample of this since it's supposed to be a pine fragrance. Disappointment once again. This is a "tyme" bomb. Far too herbal/medicinal for my taste. As Odysseusm said, this has a very similar opening to Blenheim Bouquet, but seems a little better made. I got some very strange scents from Granville, from mouthwash to corn chips. Just subtle little whiffs that seemed to bring weird olfactory waking dreams. There is a certain sense of freshness to Granville, from the herb quality it has, but it's not one I enjoy. If you like rubbing herbs like tyme and rosemary all over your skin, then you'll love Granville. Longevity was only 4.5 hours for me, and sillage was only about 2 hours. I'm still searching for the pine notes as well.
13th May 2016
A dry, stark and austere fragrance.

Granville is an aromatic green composition centred around pine. It heavily borrows from Blenheim Bouquet. It's more herbal and has a bit more of the spices. The initial citric burst of lemon is deceptive. Briefly the composition turns piney with some herbal elements. Thereafter it is quite relentless in its green character, and quite linear. It is bitter, medicinal, formal and somewhat unisex with moderate sillage and longevity.

Personally I feel it misses a supporting cast. Even though it is deep, it mostly has a single facet, and in this case it is intriguing but not that compelling. Any hint of sweetness or a touch of incense or a mild accent of patchouli would have provided an interesting contrast. Instead its dry, bitter, green apporach is uncompromising. It is also outdoorsy, evocative of vast open greeneries, and cool, cloudy days spent wandering about in the woods, not without a sense of wonder. The palette is mostly shades of green, yet the painting board has some blank, abstract spaces to let imagination complete the story.

A weak thumbs up.

17th April 2016
Classical, elegant, angular and cool.

Granville is a crisp, cool, slightly bitter, lemon, herb and pine fragrance in the Eau De Cologne style. Sparkling with light but also with bitter green shadows. Granville opens with sharp citrus and cool green notes. There is rosemary but the herb accord is dominated by a very realistic culinary thyme note as others have said. The fragrance is aromatic and dry. As it develops and the wood comes through I find that there is an airy, salty quality to Granville. There is also a mossiness in the drydown. Granville has something of Eau Sauvage , (the old one, from my memory,) and it is also very reminiscent of Blenheim Bouquet.

13th April 2016
Citrus (lemon),green (leafy green) and Pine. Those are the main components in Granville. Not a bad fragrance, just not for me. I would wear this but the price is too high to want it. If you are a fan of green scents, this is for you. 7/10
13th March 2015
Strong Thyme and Lemon opening, smells very authentic, but is still odd.

Nostril-flaring menthol brings to mind mint rather than ocean air, it passes quickly at any rate.

The Rosemary/ Pine notes smell very earthy to me... dirty and soil-like. There is also a "sweatiness" going on in the background.

The earthiness becomes increasingly synthetic and plasticky, reminds me of fuel.

After a little more than an hour, plasticy-fuel, like a mechanic's garage, and dirt dominate.

If Dior's Fahrenheit is the smell of a Mechanic, Granville is the smell of a Landscaper. Earth, fuel, and sweat.

Neutral, because while it isn't something I want to wear outside, it's still a unique scent that is much more appealing than Fahrenheit, and I find myself sneaking it often just to smell... whatever it is...
11th September 2014
great green, piney balsamic... thick sillage and duration
14th May 2014