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Gramercy Park fragrance notes

  • Head

    • fresh greens, crisp leafy tones
  • Heart

    • white muguet, cyclamen, english ivy
  • Base

    • sheer woods, crystal musk

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The overall feeling is a plasticky floral but it's also green, earthy, wet and has a fem lean with all the white flowers.
I get a distinct Cannabis note in the deep dry down.

Projection is just moderate. The scent seems to hang around a good 8-9 hours.
4th October 2020
smells like Davidoff's Good Life

30th October 2015

just another Bond remix.. remember Davidoff Good Life, sunny day in the contryside in a bottle this is it...good underrated scent!
24th May 2015
I think it's fair to call Gramercy Park a Creed clone. It's got that Allyl Amyl Glycolate/Dihydromyrcenol overdose that's the basis for almost all of Creed's aquatics, so it's got that Creed plasticky futuristic brightness, though it also throws in a rather cheap-smelling 90's green "marine" note, which cheapens things up a bit. Also, Creed generally uses Ambrox in their bases, which gives their scents a richness that Gramercy Park lacks.

All in all, Gramercy Park is ok for what it is, but why pay high prices for a lesser copy when the original is plentiful?
30th December 2013
I didn't like this fragrance. First of all this is not unisex, but feminine in my book. A slightly green, lemon-candy fragrance that juuust gives way to some sweet notes, then poof, it has already vanished from my skin.
11th March 2012
Nice and complex. I love the green opening and the way it matures with a little bit of what to me came out as a slightly lavender type of floral scent. Doesn't smell synthetic at all and dries down to even more interesting notes of maybe a little musk and what I would call aquatic tones.

Downside is it only lasts 2 hours if you're lucky and it's some of the most expensive fragrance you can buy. It's a delicious scent but for that much expense I want something that is more masculine and doesn't have to be lugged around with me to respray before lunch time.
9th July 2011
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