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Fragonard (1999)

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Grain de Soleil by Fragonard

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Grain de Soleil is a women's perfume launched in 1999 by Fragonard

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Reviews of Grain de Soleil by Fragonard

There are 5 reviews of Grain de Soleil by Fragonard.

A beautiful powdery floral fragrance that has got a great vintage feel. Just like the bottle lets you think it is. Good performances.

Grain de Soleil is a classic floral oriental in which is easily detectable a traditional languid rose/jasmine accord, where the note of amber is in my opinion just accessorial (just minimally operating its resinous support) and the main accord is represented by a powdery (almost gasseous) incense/vanilla/powdery iris combo at the end overly warm and sweety, almost invading the gourmand genre boundaries. The incense is more dusty/gasseous and sweetish than properly resinous and i find the aroma finally spicy/sugary but not sufficiently structured. I detect in here more similarities with the quoted Hypnotic Poison (or probably Cashmere Chopard and Parah) than properly with the more carnal Ambre Narguille despite Grain the Soleil does not project effectively an almondy/coconutty feel a la H. Poison. Warm and comforting but not elevated and for real sophisticated. To be worn just in the frost of the Saint Petersburg's winter night.

I bought a mini of this and promptly forgot about, leaving it to collect dust on the shelf. I recently gave it a skin test then full wear and regret the time I wasted without appreciating it. Grain de Soleil starts of as a floral/amber, warm and comfortable. To compare it to another fragrance - it's a more floral, toned down version of Ambre Narguille. I recently sprayed it on my arm before bed and the next morning it was still going strong, with a tasty vanilla/amber base with what feels like a hint of spice to keep it interesting. I don't have much experience with Fragonard but this is one I wouldn't mind a FB of on my shelf.

Agree with RedRazz ... This is one of my year round comfort scents. It starts with a bright powdery "traditional" floral accord with rose, jasmine & iris. Once that burns off - about 30 min or so - it becomes a wonderful, cuddly warm vanilla cinnamon comfort scen, not too sweett. Very crowd friendly as well. I always get compliments when I wear it. The lasting power of the dry down is very good. A nice less expensive alternative for anyone who also like Estee Lauder Private Collection Amber Ylang-Ylang,which has a very similar dry down, but not as light or cinnamony.

Grain de Soleil is a delicious vanilla-based comfort scent, gently warmed with a light sprinkling of cinnamon and amber, and the barest hint of incense. These notes blend rapturously with a floral heart of rose, iris, and jasmine. Perfect for cool weather, though I find myself craving it in the summer too. While this is marketed as a woman's fragrance, I think it would be very sexy on a snuggle-bear type of man. Want compliments? Spray generously around your neck and shoulders, and go someplace you usually get hugged!This is the closest thing I have to a signature scent. Last time I checked, it was available from Lucky Scent, and from the Fragonard website.

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