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Grafton by Truefitt & Hill

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Grafton is a men's fragrance launched in 1983 by Truefitt & Hill

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Reviews of Grafton by Truefitt & Hill

There are 20 reviews of Grafton by Truefitt & Hill.

Pleasantly bracing aromatic fougere-themed cologne, with adequate performance for the concentration.

However, given that it could use a big slug of oakmoss to finish, a bit of a shame it's not constructed somewhat more robustly.

I hereby redact my scathing review from about a year ago. I had tested a decant of Grafton and may have received a bad sample. I bought a new bottle after trying the shaving cream. I already owned the aftershave and it is one of my favorites. It is my signature aftershave after three passes with my double-edged razor. As with the aftershave, the opening of the EDT is tonka, lavender and a bright juniper--the father of Le Male by Gautier. There is a bit of talc. It's a nice office, barbershop fragrance on the fougere category. I like the incense. Initially it projects well, but doesn't last very long and stays close to the skin. Three hours tops. A bit synthetic as well, like the current Le Male version in stores right now. It resembles Mr Taylor's of Old Bond Street cologne. I'm convinced the perfumer who created Le Male used Grafton as his/her inspiration. My wife likes it. I can't imagine anyone hating this. A classic? Maybe not. Yet, it has been around since 1983. So there is something to be said about its longevity. I'm going to layer a little True Lavender by C&S to see if I can give some strength to Grafton.

I can smell only some cognac scent . Scent is quite mild and disappear very quickly (for me only 5 minutes). Maybe this is classic but I don't like it does not stay at all.

This cologne has a wonderful clean soapy smell with plenty of green layers...slight citrus but this doesn't stick around any longer than ten minutes ...The problem for me is that this cologne needs more balls and to say I'm grafton ...poor projection and longivity ..i get around 2 hours seems shy of who it is and shouldn't be because it has potential to be a star just needs better projection of its notes (maybe more oils used ?). I use this with grafton shave cream and spray this cologne a few more times than I should to get sum oomph and projection. I like to smell my cologne in the car going to work but by the time I've parked up I'm deep into dry down stage (bout half hour drive) love the fragrance tho

This is my idea of a classical gentleman's barbershop fragrance. It feels clean, crisp, and timeless. I often hear compliments by associates that it reminds them of something their grandfather would wear--and not in a derogatory way. The scent is certainly a classical and nostalgic one. It is my favorite of the Truefitt & Hill house.

On my skin, longevity is good, and projection is fairly strong.

I find this to be an appropriate fragrance for a gentlemen's night out, or (in moderation) at a business meeting. It certainly evokes an expression of gravitas.

Easily one of my favorites.

Nice traditional English gentlemen's cologne but the party's ove after a few hours.

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