Good Girl Suprême fragrance notes

    • Berries, Egyptian Jasmine, Tonka Beans, Vetiver

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Stumble in, dear girl
You had a good time tonight
And if you don't mind

One more compliment
You smell like the high-priced end
Of the fashion mall

Which ain't exactly
A bad thing in these here parts
So please kick off those

Ridiculous shoes
Before you break something else
Like maybe my heart

'Cause it might happen
There in your Petite Robe Noire
'Thout all that candy

For Bad Boys prefer
Your mothballed fruitchouliverse
To pre-Coco puffs

And you need coffee
So let this Bad Boy get you
Some fresh air on his

Bad motor scooter
Leavin' your mystery scent
All over this town.
25th October 2021