Good girl gone Bad 
By Kilian (2012)

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Reviews of Good girl gone Bad by By Kilian

There are 8 reviews of Good girl gone Bad by By Kilian.

This is a very pretty, delicate and ethereal scent. When it's first applied, I definitely smell the narcissus note a lot, first and foremost more than anything else! On me, it fades out pretty fast though and is replaced by very sweet, super feminine floral notes, especially tuberose! This is, of course, a feminine floral perfume, but I would actually categorize it first and foremost as a sweet scent! You definitely have to like very sweet perfumes to enjoy wearing this one! It is definitely a sexy scent, but I would also call it "pretty." It's probably not that suitable for wearing to work at the office, but I think it would make a great date night perfume! It's definitely a must-try if you love sweet florals! It gets a big thumbs up from me, I would consider buying a bottle! (I'm prying it from a sample at the moment!)I think it's worth the price!
Jul 17, 2018

Good Girl Gone Bad, as other reviewers have mentioned, brings to mind “girl” but does little to bring us anything “bad”. The price, name, and presentation set a level of expectation that, I must admit, is difficult to satisfy; so with that being said, I braced myself for mediocrity. The opening is a nice mixture of aldehydes, peach, and laundry detergent. The floral notes are quite soapy and free of animalic aspect, mostly rose and sterile white floral. Sometimes, there is a trace of smokiness lost in the starch, so maybe someone is had a cigarette in the laundry room two weeks ago? I can almost see GGGB as a nod to Arpege with its bold peach and aldehydes, but it falls short of being anything memorable. I'm having a difficult time deciding on the rating because the price is ridiculous for what it is. A solid middle-of-the-road fragrance is reasonable at $80-100 for 50 mL, but at $260, one begins to wonder if the tailor fooled the emperor.

Jan 29, 2017

When the woman becomes
a temptress, a sinner.
When she dares and when
she proves her audacity.

Dear Kilian,

I took the above "poem" from the website page selling Good Girl Gone Bad. How can I put this kindly? I see that you are an avid reader of Mills and Boon romances. But you need someone to talk some clear, hard sense into you. At 195 euros for a 50ml bottle, you should know that your target market isn't the twenty-year old disco bunnies you think the name will appeal to. No, the women who buy expensive fragrances for themselves usually have careers, busy lives, and more than a modicum of self-respect. If they are past the age of thirty-five, they may not even appreciate being called "girls". Women like to smell good, but we are also highly sensitive to image and external perception of ourselves, so even a slight misstep in the marketing could put us off completely. Anyway, I will forgive you because the scent itself is quite good (not mind-blowing, mind you) and also because I have seen pictures of you and you are quite the dish. I hope I haven't offended you by sexually objectifying you. You can see where that gets annoying, right?

To the scent! It's good. It has this peachy, coconutty, tuberose-y thing going on that remind me a bit of Chinatown but with the volume turned down about 70%. It's a sunny, happy, fruity scent. I am not the world's biggest tuberose fan, but here I find it's quite good - it amps up the buttery feel of the flower until it approaches the scent of buttered popcorn, which I really enjoy. It makes me feel hungry. For a while there, I think the tuberose is going to turn all slutty on me, but phew, it eventually recedes almost entirely, leaving gentle poofs of fruity osmanthus to carry the scent the rest of the way. I'm not really the target market for this scent, though, because I find big white florals, and most especially tuberose, challenging and the only one that has really bowled me over in the tuberose category so far has been the sublime Carnal Flower.

Jun 12, 2014

Although, like many others, l am not enamoured with the name, it was the mention of "toxic narcissus" in the notes listed on Perfume Shrine that gave me the urge to try this one.
l get just a touch of aldehyde in the opening, along with an intense floral accord; mainly jasmine, to my nose. There is a tropical feel to this accord, & l swear l detect quite a bit of coconut here. The projection is pretty powerful on my skin, & as it warms, the osmanthus lends a fruity edge, which is not too jammy or cloying. The tuberose is there also, but is not at all dominant. l don't get any rose, or even narcissus, but no matter, this is a honeyed, full-bodied & voluptuous floral, with a subtle woodiness from the cedar. After a couple of hours, it all dries down into a creamy, sweet, honeyed, ambery floral, that reminds me a little of Mahora. lt's still projecting softly after ten hours.
This one has been knocked quite a bit for being a little too much of the "good girl" & not enough of the "bad". And l agree; there's certainly nothing dirty or animalic here. For a taste of what it should have smelled like, go try Lush's vastly cheaper Sikkim Girls. That said, l enjoyed wearing this, & felt incredibly womanly & feminine in it, so it can't be all bad! l probably wouldn't spend the money required to buy it, though.
Mar 29, 2014

i agree the name does set up certain expectations (and hope), that once disappointed are hard to forgive, but once i got over that i can't deny it's gorgeousness. it revels in the rich fat white almost maple-ey/peach that is its presence for me. trying to understand the shape a little i looked up the only note i was unfamiliar with and zeroed in on Osmanthus -a eureka because I am always bringing home springs picked around the neighborhood that scent entire rooms for a days, not even knowing what is was. it grows everywhere around here and this scent celebrates it luxuriously-the voluptuousness is the "gone bad" part...and it is pretty damn voluptuous. that said, the osmanthus recedes to let (is it the may rose?) in about an hour later. can't tell about longevity and it is all pretty light but i am working from a little tester and those never seem to stay with me.

update-it bears up over time. it doesn't knock one over, but i could catch the fragrance on me all day. love it even more-second wearing the following day.
Mar 7, 2014

Fruity floral, where i smell rose,with a twist probably given by some tuberose sweetness, that reminded me a lot of their Liaisons dangereuses fruity rose....i was so sure here we have geranium listed in the notes, but still this is peachy or apricot, or pear kind of sweetness, not too sweet, its fresh and rosey, feminine scent in the manner of Liaisons, to which it reminded me a lot
Apr 27, 2013

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