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    • tuberose, jasmine sambac, cocoa, tonka bean

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My my my, how minds can change! I did not like this fragrance at first. And considered it to be a blind buy failure. And to add insult to injury, I hate the bottle and always did. But I kept hearing things that made it stick in my head like an annoying fly you kept trying to shoo away. So one fateful evening, I hit that buy button. And when I received it, I tried it… disliked it… tried it again… disliked it. The bottle, amongst my beautiful bottles from other brands was like a slap in the face. And a wake up call about blind buying. “This is what you get”, I’d imagine it saying to me every time I glanced over at my fragrance collection. A vulgar reminder of my foolish purchase. And that’s not all my friends, no no, my foolishness knows no bounds apparently…. I bought the “Very Good Girl” flanker too! And on that cycle of self admonishment went into very recently.

I decided to try it again. Expecting the result to be the same as it always was, I actually procrastinated in doing so. But when I did, I don’t know what happened, but I love it now.

In reviews I always see talk of synthetic vs natural, and to be honest, I probably wouldn’t know the difference between the two if you had a million dollars in from of me. So to me, this is sweet, nutty, syrupy in a weird sexy way, and very dramatic. Kind of loud too. Honestly, the bottle fits the scent kind of perfectly. A little trashy, but still hot. And I’m surprised how much I like it.

It never ceases to amaze me the great variety of scents that I love… and hey, it might surprise you too if you can get past the bottle. So in a stunning turn of events, I give this a thumbs up.
23rd August 2022
Sweet powdery sandalwood vanilla with some kind of white flower and bitter bergamot. I don't smell the coffee or the cacao. Eh.
31st December 2021

Synthetic tuberose mediocrity verging on insulting.
6th April 2021
Inspired by the Disney fairytale Cinderella. She has inner beauty, she is kind but she has just escaped from a very serious danger and now she lie down in a sophisticated, oriental boudoir, silky sheets, oriental soft music, an expensive body cream and lipstick on a decorated dressing table, dried and the sensation of peace, safety and eternal love.

She is sensual,sweet, a little dark and mysterious, voluptuous, and incredibly feminine. Good Girl is all woman, make no mistake. The sensuality of tuberose and Jasmine with the exquisite refinement of cacao. The top notes are irrelevant and nothing special. But when it dries down, an enchanting, sweet and sensual scent comes up.

In fact the initial wafts of this fragrance are almond with light florals and a hint of coffe crouching in the background like a black panther, preparing to the dry down begins, it becomes quite thick and sticky, like a luxurious delicious chocolate without the patchouli really cutting through the sweetness for a sweet night girly scent. The dry down is really nice and smooth.

Totally It generally fits in the category of sweet gourmands such as LVEB, Black Opium and became common nowadays. This is a fragrance you wear on a romantic night out with your boyfriend or a first date. I like the scent I love the bottle as it has fantastic design.
3rd May 2020
A sort of creamy-sultry synth jasmine (I get a creamy supporting patch-presence as well). Tuberose is accessorial and well rounding (couldn't bè defined "chocolatey"). CH Good Girl is mundane and super floral. I detect a more restrained kind of classic (ambery/saffronish) wise sensual undertone. A modern glamour kind of fragrance with a bold/carnal presence and a chic twist. A daring bottle.
17th September 2019
I think this is a fine fragrance, and I like the bottle.

I don't always wear my black satin corset. Those days I'm craving a good spanking of vanilla heat, I can reach for vintage Hypnotic Poison. I get the comparisons, but Good Girl is no slouch.

Crap. Even as I type this, the realization sinks in that a full stiletto is in my future.

What's not to like? That some vintage fragrance is a bit stronger? A bit more herbal/spice up top so yes, a bit more complex? That's pretty weak criticism if you ask me. If we need to limit our wardrobes to straight 5/5/5 vintage bestest ever, then I'm out.

I bought a 10ml roller blind from a Sephora sale with zero knowledge of the scent or others' opinions. I was not disappointed. I find this to be aptly named--a warm and lovely jasmine vanilla with a good amount of snuggly base support.

For the days I wear my white satin corset.
1st October 2018
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