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Gomma by Etro

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Gomma is a men's fragrance launched in 1989 by Etro

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Reviews of Gomma by Etro

There are 29 reviews of Gomma by Etro.

Beautiful construction, and yes, the similarities to Knize Ten are apt.
I find Gomma to be of higher blend & material quality, but I have not sampled vintage K-10 - only modern formulas.

I do think the K-10 has the better performance, but my bottle of Gomma may need to 'rest' longer as I sampled the day after it arrived. Also, you may not want this type of scent profile to 'announce its arrival' to everyone around. Being slightly muted or subdued may be a good thing for this fragrance.

My bottle is identical to the image on this page - silver cap & collar.

I prefer the Gomma to the K-10, but neither is my preferred type of leather. The floral leather is just not my cup of tea as I prefer my leathers to growl or snap, but this is a solid offering from a quality house.

6.0/10.0 is my purely subjective rating based on personal tastes.
7.5/10.0 without my personal tastes involved, would be higher if performance was better.

Lived-in leather. Love it. Living for it. It's like rays of sunshine through the window that show the dust floating in the atmosphere. And the opening just shines on my skin, a velvety sheen of citrus and artemisia with the a soapy leather than takes me to the best 'elsewhere' possible, if that makes any sense...Rugged and unctuous, yet clean. Rough around the edges, but groomed for excellence.

The powdery element is restrained but welcome; the florals are green and astringent to counterbalance, with violet shadows of vulnerability; and the amber base is the bittersweet sunset, full-bodied, rich, and full of flavor. This baby hums for hours, no doubt.

It's the kind of fragrance that I'd imagine Marshall Sam McCloud would wear...anyone remember that show?

Reformulated version is a bland Knize Ten, good for hot climate.

I would say that this comes off as a 70's 80's Cuir de Russie EDC without the animalic. I'm with Starblind on this. A spritz of this and a tiny dot of Natural Civet approximates.
I don't quite get the association with the whip snap cleanliness of Knize Ten.

My sample is Vintage.

The sage and artemisia in the top notes make me drink in this fragrance like fragrant desert air. I also love the refined and somewhat rubbery leather notes that make up Gomma's base. On days when my supply of Cuir de Russie is running dangerously low, this Etro fragrance fills in nicely. And yes, it is similar to Knize Ten, but I find it far more complex and sophisticated, plus the dry down is far more beautiful. My only complaint is its projection and longevity. I spray it on my clothes and this helps retain the scent some, but in an ideal perfume world, this one (and Cuir de Russie) would both last to infinity.

(This is the vintage version. I've heard less than stellar things about its reformulation.)

After wearing this for a while, I'd say it smells like an amazing mash up of Knife Ten and vintage Tabac Blond. Wonderful stuff!

One of the many in the leather/floral genre that is very pleasing. It is a true leather that has the vintage aura to it; it's refined but with a touch of animalics and smoky. It's herbal in the opening and then the jasmine amplifies the dirty part a bit. There are some powdery and soapy accords that go well with the vintage leather and I like that it's never too sweet. Very nice!

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