Golden Pineapple Luau fragrance notes

  • Head

    • papaya, maui pineapple, goji berry, citrus
  • Heart

    • hibiscus, white kadota fig, seashell accord, kauai water lily
  • Base

    • coconut palm leaf, coral musk

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I'm not about to tell you to wear this to the opera or ballet...but you knew that, right?

BUT, I think this would be the perfect thing to toss in my bag for the pool or the beach. It's super sweet, and the pineapple smells really authentic on my skin.

Two sprays max! I made the mistake of applying some while sitting in my car, and about blew myself out of there! LOL It's strong. Great for outdoors, in big open spaces!

PS. The shower gel is great as well....makes the whole bathroom smell really nice.
22nd March 2016