Golden Myrrh fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Pink pepper, Juniper, incense,
  • Heart

    • Amber, Sandalwood, myrrh,
  • Base

    • cistus absolute, patchouli, Oud,

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Refined, aromatic, and posh. Golden Myrrh effectuates the toasty aroma of earthy myrrh in its pure spirituous form. If you have ever smelled myrrh up close, the unmistakable woody, warm, and pungent aroma is here along with cade oil, subtle dry smoked woods, and amber. Incense (frankincense) encapsulates the entire composition providing a warm, toasty, and comforting feeling that I truly enjoy during the holidays. Overall, well crafted and elegant, as expected from the house of Zegna. Zero marketing along with being a Harrod's exclusive, does not do this fragrance any justice as it would make a fine addition to the Essenze line up, and could essentially be a competitor to similar scents like Oud Wood and Grand Soir.
2nd November 2022
An incense-amber that won't win points for originality, but nevertheless has some depth and is fairly well-balanced.

Myrrh is not the star, despite the name, though it's quite detectable. It shares billing with frankincense, which combines with the amber to grant this fragrance its golden sparkle. Herbal tones and a slight fungal element in the base add nuance and intrigue. It's very aromatic, and, accordingly, feels decadent without becoming oppressive.
13th August 2022