Gold Oud 
By Kilian (2009)

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There are 3 reviews of Gold Oud by By Kilian.

First wearing of By Kilian Gold Oud, part of the discontinued Arabian Nights collection, a more amped up (and I believe more expensive) rendition of Rose Oud. It seems to be midway between a sweet jammy rose and a rose/oud/saffron blend, somewhat sweet but still herbal and resinous, a really enjoyable blend.

It's definitely reminiscent of other rose/oud fragrances (it's been a while since I've smelled By Kilian Rose Oud), somewhere between the mostly sweet, slightly sharp Tauerville Rose Flash, the more acerbic Aramis Rose Calligraphy, and By Kilian's own more animalic, deeper Pearl Oud (the Doha city exclusive). For my money, Pearl Oud is a more compelling rose/oud fragrance but it's also a bit more challenging, so Gold Oud is going to fit the bill for more people, I estimate.

I'd certainly recommend that fans of rose/oud fragrances, or even rose fragrances in general, try this if they get the chance, but I imagine it's difficult to come by nowadays, as both the main line (Rose, Musk, Pure, Amber, Incense) and the higher-end (Gold, Extreme, Eternal Black) Arabian Nights collection fragrances are discontinued.

8 out of 10
Feb 24, 2021

To me, the initial blast is formed of rose, saffron and patchouli. The rose is thick, syrupy, jammy and quickly dominates the blend for about a couple of hours. Yet, in the first hour I get a metallic feel, not sure from where that comes from. After that, the rose clearly still stays in front, but it's backed up by a tame oud note.
May 23, 2019

Used to own it. Sold it cheap. Needed to rid myself of this. After a few wearings, it smelled like a mature Women's scent. Rose Bouquet shower soap. Strange thing is, I received more money for the Coffret sold separately. Good riddance.
Mar 12, 2018

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