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    • gingerlily, creamy musk

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This opens with creamy lily, jasmine & a touch of spice. Something about this accord comes over as rather cloying, & I sense that in large doses it could be headache-inducing for some. Thankfully this effect dies down after five to ten minutes, leaving just the creamy lily along with a rubbery note. I've smelled this rubbery note before in the body cream version of Goutal's Un Matin d'Orage, & assumed it was due to the plastic packaging leaching chemicals into the contents - I believe it was fairly old product. But perhaps this rubberiness is a side effect of whatever materials were used to create the white floral notes here. Three hours in, the rubbery effect has faded, leaving the now very soft, yet crisp lily note, which continues to fade until eleven hours in it's almost gone.
This is not a love for me, in fact I don't think I even like it enough to wear for work. I'll stick to Donna Karan Gold for my lily fix, thanks.
24th April 2019
Bright, crisp, greenish lily. Earthy musk. No sweetness whatsoever. Very linear. Fades quickly. Definitely a skin scent; it's a cultural thing.
11th November 2017