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PK Perfumes (2013)

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Gold Leather by PK Perfumes

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Reviews of Gold Leather by PK Perfumes

This is my favourite fragrance from Atelier Colognes' heavier fragrance line. To explain the scent, it basically smells to my nose of apple pie with steamed plums and some rum, and a hint of leather in the background. It smells like Byredo's Accord Oud but with plums instead of blackberries, and without the strong oud note. Although I greatly prefer Accord Oud to this, there is something about this that's really appealing to me. It also projects really well on my skin, while longevity is moderate leaning strong. The projection/longevity isn't as good as Accord Oud but is very good for something from Atelier Colognes. Overall, it's a nice cheaper alternative to Accord Oud.


This is that rarest of all things in the current world of perfumery - both unique and original.

A burst of almond, though not listed in the ingredients, is the first impression. This is followed by sweet fresh fruit, which lead us to the essence of the scent - a linear and luscious guava laid delicately over a soft leather.

This is very sophisticated and so far in my journey through PK Perfumes, my favorite. [I have tried five other PK fragrances, liking only two others, Carissa and Ginger Zest de Citron, but both of these I found derivative of - as in suggesting - past creations. Gold Leather is a new idea - a fruity leather.]

My only caveat is, as with all of PK's scents, there are usually two dozen plus ingredients, yet, I am only aware of a very small handful at most. I am left wondering if the majority of these cancel each other out, and as such, may be a waste of precious and expensive oils for the perfumer.

In any case, this is very much a winner in my book.

am very proud of the quality of Gold Leather, and the mix of incredible ingredients. Part of my Colored Leather Editions, I wanted this to be a beautifully glowing warm Leather, based around Tuberose, Gardenia, a bit of exotic Fruits and Ambers, and sumptuous Leather.

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