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Golconda by JAR

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Golconda is a women's perfume by JAR

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There are 7 reviews of Golconda by JAR.

I was skeptical, but the JAR hype is valid. This is exceptional. There are three primary facets to Golconda, all painted in raw materials of the highest quality: carnation, some other floral that I can't identify, and a remarkable dirt/rot note that reminds me of I Hate Perfume's Black March. This tension between beauty and ugliness is a through line in most of JAR's fragrances - see also the hair-raising indoles of Jardenia and the spice/dill/deep leather notes in Shadow. It takes serious confidence to marry A+ quality raw materials with notes that could alienate possible customers, but this contrast works wonderfully in Golconda and Shadow. (It doesn't work so well for me in Jardenia, which I find kind of horrifying.)

As for the price - yeah, Golconda is really expensive, but there's nothing else out there like it. There are other spicy florals that have a similar structure (CdG red series, Aedes de Venustas Oeillet Bengale, Amouage Opus IX) but none of them are as beautiful as this, or as long-lasting - I get almost 24 hours out of two small dabs to the skin.

Golconda is a pure carnation bouquet, every bit the fresh, spicy flower that I love. I also detect something surprisingly unpleasant, however, like a musty, rotting flower in the bunch. (Fortunately, I only scent it close to the skin, and it soon dissipates.) I don't recognize the Stargaze Lily until I see it mentioned in other reviews, but yes yes, there she is, sweet and fleeting. Overall a spicy, clovey carnation which softens over time but stays true. A beautiful fragrance, but I do prefer Comme des Garçons' Series 2 Red Carnation; it is all the purity of carnation without either the strange rotting note I experience OR the astronomical price tag!

One of my very favorites.

To my nose, it's incredibly simple, mostly a mix of carnation and jasmine (both of which smell like their very expensive real essential oils). With just a dab (it's an extrait), I get more jasmine, which is beautiful. With a slightly heavier application, it's darker, with a deep green leafy undertone, with a peppery spiciness on top.

In terms of criticism, Golconda's simplicity (and price) make it fairly easy to pan. It doesn't seem to have any sort of basenotes at all. It's more like someone said "hey, let's mix these two really expensive amazing ingredients at the perfect ratio and just let it be." As such, it has the low longevity of a natural perfume, but it's just so utterly perfect that I savor it while it lasts, smiling all the while. THE ultimate jasmine/carnation grail.

Although it has been a while since I smelled this I remember it as a very wonderful, if somewhat raw, carnation perfume. Jar fragrances are unique in that they never employ cliched accords or common devices seen in almost all commercial perfumes, and Golconda is no exception.
What Malle's Une Rose does for rose, Golconda does for carnation.
A skyscraper of a carnation.

If you love Caron's Poivre- you will love the spicey Golconda. It's a most beautiful rare carnation fragrance. Quality all the way .Speechless !

For Alpha women who love carnation. not for me

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