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Named after The Godolphin Arabian (c. 1724 – 1753), an Arabian horse who was one of three stallions that were the founders of the modern Thoroughbred horse racing bloodstock.

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Reviews of Godolphin by Parfums de Marly

There are 21 reviews of Godolphin by Parfums de Marly.

Somewhat lighter and certainly less monotonous than Tuscan Leather. Unlike others it seems, I don't find it particularly fruity.
Oct 31, 2021

Godolphin is a strangely neutered and sweetened leather. Kinda like a leather fragrance that's afraid to be one. Some say it's a clone of Tom Ford Tuscan Leather which also has similar fruity notes mixed in. I haven't tried TL yet, but I've heard that it is one of the more challenging Tom Ford scents. Challenging this is not. All of the rougher, masculine facets of leather have been pulled away and I'm left with something soft and synthetic feeling. The drydown is especially lacklustre, once the sweetness falls away its harder to ignore how plasticky the leather base is. Overall it's just not for me.
Feb 15, 2020

Parfums de Marly has a pretty hokey origin story with zero evidence to support any historical linkback, but at least in the beginning, they did a good job of delivering value for their niche price tag with Godolphin (2010) being a good example. This was one of four launch masculines, accompanied by Lippizan (2010) Ispazon (2010), and Darley (2010). The other three were housed in clear bottles and were of a fresher and more traditionally French nature, while Godolphin was placed in a solid gold bottle and given a more Italian vibe. Of the four, Godolphin is the densest and most masculine, being a leather chypre of similar standing to Tom Ford Tuscan Leather (2007) and often called a clone of it for that reason. I see the Parfums de Marly scent as the more complex of the two, more realized, and the better value considering those factors, but at the time this launched, Tom Ford had the clout so the numpty "fragrance army" types stomped their jack boots all over poor Godolphin in the peanut gallery comments sections of various online reviews for it. Oh well.

The opening of Godolphin is the most challenging part, with thyme, saffron, cypriol, galbanum, blackcurrant, and mate all fighting for elbow room. Back and forth between bitter green and fruity sweet we go, with the saffron and herbs eventually taking shape. The floral core soon commands your attention with rose, jasmine and iris, lending some dandy qualities when mixed with the top to overall smell of Godolphin, which is a quality lacking in Tuscan Leather's raspberry and jasmine heart. Godolphin eventually settles into a sharp leather chypre base, with leather, cedar notes, amber, and musk. These factors are only slightly boosted by ambroxan and synthetic wood notes, rather than being comprised entirely of them, meaning Godolphin avoids the pitfalls of later Parfums de Marly masculines that too closely emulate designers. Wear time is all day and sillage is moderate. Godolphin is no beast mode like the later Herod (2012) or Layton (2016), and feels much classier than either. I'd use this romantically or for formal gatherings, and all-year round to boot, because the green floral notes prevent Godolphin from feeling sticky or cloying.

Alongside Lippizan and Ispazon, Godolphin really established Parfums de Marly as a quality niche upstart in its first years, which is something they thoroughly abused throughout the 2010's as the business model splintered their offerings between Middle-Eastern and American markets. The former got an interesting selection of ouds and orientals that most rarely see without ordering online, while the latter was deluged in niche-grade designer dupes made to smell like Johnny Cologne Guy on steroids, which is how I first discovered the brand. I nearly wrote them off because of literal jokes in a bottle like the aforementioned Herod or Layton, but Godolphin is an easily-overlooked early gem from the house, and with newer releases like Sedley (2019) and Kalan (2019) looking to take the niche title the house has achieved a little more seriously, is even more important of a scent to visit. Granted, the price is still unfriendly to the casual buyer, but deals exist and the stuff lasts forever since a little goes very far. Thumbs up.
Oct 3, 2019

PdM's offering of the very copied Tom Ford Tuscan Leather.

As with variations on the same theme, it is hard not to like this if you are a fan of TL.

PdM is known for almost perfect dosing - well blended notes but each have room to shine individually.

Expensive, but worth it.
Sep 22, 2019

This instantly reminded me of Tuscan Leather from Tom Ford. It's not quite as strong or polarizing as Tuscan Leather but still quite pungent and noticeable. Smells rich and masculine but just too much medicinal, peppery leather for my tastes.
Jul 30, 2019

Nothing unique or different here. Instantly reminded me of tuscan leather.

I prefer the fruitiness of TL to this.

Dry down was a major dislike.
Jul 27, 2019

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