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This reminds me of Marilyn Monroe in the "Some Like It Hot": youthful,elegant, approachable,wise in some ways while naive in others,and unabashedly feminine.this scent is romantic curls, perfectly winged liner,a leather jacket over lace,and perfectly manicured nails. if it were a place it would unquestionably be paris for is right amount of sweet,and coupled with the comforting almond note and the creamy vanilla.

The 90% of the notes you feel during the life span of this fragrance are sweet: round cozy gourmandish notes:amber tonka, vanilla,cherry-must be massive here,as you smell caramelized almonds and a little styrax.all perfectly it dries down,the warmness comes through and settles on the becomes sweeter as the vanilla becomes more apparent.the best part of this fragrance,it's so dreamy and enveloping. the kind of fragrance that makes you imagine a woman when you smell it.perfect for neck kisses and intimacy.

10th October 2021
I was pretty curious with all the raving about Gloria, plus the notes seem promising. So I grab a mini to give it a try. Now I'm mourning for her immature depature.

It opens just like an amaretto then dries down into a creamy mixture of almond, vanilla and amber. The cherry is subtle on me, just a whiff from time to time. It's not the fresh type cherry, but more like gourmand foody cherry. Overall it makes me think of a softened Le Baiser du Dragon without the dry vetiver, a warm cozy scent but still with some edge. The sillage is soft on me and the longevity is at least 6h.

If it had not been discontinued and with a reasonable Cacharel price tag, I might actually grab myself a bottle. However, as I don't have particular memories attached to this scent, I don't have the burning desire to spend a fortune on ebay to own a full bottle.

Cacharel, when shall you return to Glori-a ?
2nd January 2018

Gloria is a gorgeous frangrance and I have no idea whay Cacherel would discontinue this one while keeping some of their, IMO, inferior perfumes in production. It is mature, warm, sexy and just beautiful.

Gloria is now going for silly prices on ebay etc. I can recommed a good smallalike.. Glorify from Perfume Parlour, smells just like it and is an oil so is long lasting, I get loads of compliments when I wear it.
12th April 2013
Gloria certainly is Glorious!!!
The cherry, almond, vanilla mix is sex in a bottle, and when u factor in the slightly boozy note I get when my body heat works with the perfume its hot stuff indeed! Good projection, excellent lasting power. I'm baffled as to why Cacharel would discontinue such an amazing fragrance :-/
22nd March 2012
I found this fragrance nearly ten years ago, before I discovered perfume on the internet. I was looking for an almond fragrance and tried this at the perfume counter in Boots. It was a complete revelation, most perfume I had bought before was floral or green, and didn't sit well on my skin and so I didn't wear often. Gloria is sweet and oriental, with amber and a touch of almondy amaretto. Utterly delicious.

Gloria stands with many of the more expensive "high end" fragrances, and I still really enjoy wearing it on days I need a perfume "hug". The dry down is very comforting, sweet and almondy and it makes me feel warm and happy. This is definitely a fragrance for autumn and winter, it does not wear too well on me in the summer, it is too sweet in the heat.

This perfume has been multi-bottle-worthy, and I am now onto my third (and have been trying to find it on Ebay since it was discontinued). I also have the bath oil (which also works great as a room fragrance in a burner!), the mist and the lotion.

It's a crime that Cacharel discontinued Gloria. It's certainly the best scent that they have ever made, head and shoulders above the likes of the shouty, loud and brash Amor Amor and its ilk. The only other perfume I have found which smells anywhere similar to Gloria on me is Guerlain Spiriteuse Double Vanille which to me shows how good Gloria actually is.
22nd June 2011
Boozy amaretto, cherry tobacco, vanilla and woods - similar to guerlain spiritueuse double vanille with a better less cloying drydown.

30th November 2010
My first impression of Gloria was that it was most certainly strong. I was right. The first smell of it was quite overwhelming but I decided to buy it anyway and found out later, much to my pleasure, the smell was powdery, very sensual and exactly what I wanted in a perfume. Suitable for evening wear and whenever u feel powerfully feminine. Love it.
8th August 2007
I Love Gloria, but I wish it were a lot stronger. It is considered a fresh Oriental and the notes are: Vanilla, Musk, Amaretto, Bittersweet Italian Almond Liquor, Ambergris, Bulgarian Rose, Hibiscus. It will be a keeper for sure.
22nd January 2007
I checked this fragrance from a box I have with samples I've got with my wife when visiting fragrance stores or buying fragrances.Last week I test Nemo, also from Cacharel and now, when spray Gloria on a test paper I felt several notes repeated from Nemo (a sweet woody-like note) and Allure. The top notes are nice, a bit delicious and spicy and stays for a long time, then a middle note of roses adds to the former ones and finally a note of vanilla appears as a base note. Didn't felt the amaretto note, maybe was the "yummy" note.The result is delicious, sensual, blended in a better way than Amor Amor (which gave me several stomach aches when smelled it). It's a romantic fragrance that shows an attractive woman through spicy and gourmand notes, more suitable for an evening use or at an office, in occasions where a woman wants to show herself. It can be used in both summer and winter seasons, and it's better aimed for a range of age between 18 and 40 years.
29th October 2006
I find the Body Shop's Altaro a dead ringer for Gloria at half the price. A low-key, warm, foody scent. Pleasant, especially for autumn.
14th June 2006
It reminds me of Le Feu D'Issey by Issey Miyake, but far inferior then Miyake. It's a total flop... will never think of buying it.
5th January 2006
Gloria is a very foody vanilla based scent with a powdery note & a surprising amaretto note. Like other Cacharel fragrances this one is way too foody for me. Gloria is very long lasting w/good sillage on me. My Hubbie didn't like it on me tho. If you like really liqueur smelling scents you should love this one. If you like Gloria you'd like Liz Claiborne's Spark & Hugo Boss' Deep Red.
29th November 2005
Gloria is a warm seductive blend of hibiscus, Rosa Damascena, Malagasy white pepper, grey amber, vanilla, cedarwood, and Amaretto. It's the perfect fragrance for a romantic evening by a fireplace. The amaretto note makes this fragrance unique and so attractive.
3rd August 2005