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Reviews of Glamourous by Ralph Lauren

There are 11 reviews of Glamourous by Ralph Lauren.

A white floral that does not evoke glamour to me, but a sedate garden at noon. It fades quickly and leaves no mystery to explore as the stars come out. It is on opening what it is until it slips away quickly.
Mar 20, 2012

Perhaps fairer than saying this smells like fancy hotel soap would be to say that many fancy hotel soaps have been formulated to smell a lot like this: citrusy freshness, some unobtrusive white flowers, and an "exotic" ingredient, usually (as in this case) ginger. I agree with those who say this is pleasant and warm and also those who say this is easy to forget.
Apr 11, 2010

Chic scent for women. It's not a scent that should be used in a hot day though or else the fragrance would be too over-powering. A glamourous scent for the night.
Jan 10, 2010

the top note smells like Johnson&johnson baby shampoo to me nice but just nice not to die for
Oct 25, 2009

So glamorous!!!This fragrance makes me feel so glamor.I've been fall in love with this fragrance since it was launched.
Nov 11, 2007

no wonder its been discontinued it does very much smell of hairspray/ nail polish remover. After about 4 hours it warms up a bit and starts to smell of white flowers, musk and amber (very faintly) You can hardly tell its there really. Horrible? no, Glamorous? not really, Boring! yes.
Jun 28, 2007

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