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Les Parfums de Rosine (2011)

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Glam Rose by Les Parfums de Rosine

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Reviews of Glam Rose by Les Parfums de Rosine

There are 3 reviews of Glam Rose by Les Parfums de Rosine.

Strange how a pretty sophisticated juxtaposition of a range of notes gives an overall impression of something that may come as a free gift in a child's toy. This is pretty much a violet scent (of the sweetie variety), with accents of dry rose, pepper, raspberry, ripe litchi, soft leather and stack paper, not to mention the airy, filler musk that is in almost everything these days. I enjoy how the notes peek through the violet cloak, but ultimately this fails to register as something worth much consideration.
The deep drydown is more interesting – a peppery violet – but by now Glam Rose is a skin scent.

Pleasant; more about violet than rose. A strong Parma violet sweetie at start with a hint of Fairy washing-up liquid mellows down to a rose and violet blend. The violet is 'violet as I imagine violet should be' almost a cartoon, child's simple violet. A hint of cherry (presumably raspberry from the notes) a bit of ground almond, almost a 'cherry pie' heliotrope scent buried faintly underneath. I like it as a violet scent, rather than rose. Not sure how it is 'glam', to me it's more of an easy-wearing lace-and-bustles nod towards Victoriana.

oddly enough, it bears a strong resemblance to CDG guerrilla 2, a rose version of it and minus its dried blood note (see my review, or rather, my strident rant on that frag for details). I'd have to say I think this is pleasant, but on the other hand, CDG guerrilla 2 traumatized me to such an extent that I can't completely enjoy Glam Rose for what it is anymore. I can say that the raspberry and wood base is appealing and the rose (as always with Rosine) is of high quality. the berry is strong. you will notice that CDG guerrilla 2 has a prominent raspberry note too; but in that frag, something blends with it and it goes horribly, horribly, wrong, creating the dried blood smell. To summarize Glam Rose, this is a rose/violet/black currant fragrance with a strong raspberry presence and a subtle cedar base. I give it a thumbs up.

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