Girl of Now 
Elie Saab (2017)

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Reviews of Girl of Now by Elie Saab

There are 3 reviews of Girl of Now by Elie Saab.

Girl of Now is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. A bit heavy the first few minutes as it dries down, but then it stays just the perfect sweetness and almond/pistachio creaminess for hours after. This is a bit heavier than the normal scents I choose for the office, but as long as I apply it an hour or so before work, it's the perfect sillage when I get there. Already looking to buy the flanker "Girl of Now Shine" because this is so good!
Feb 7, 2020

this is quite heavy from my usual fragrances but i really enjoyed the pistachio and almond in this.

great with cold weather
Jan 22, 2020

Girl of now is very sweet and potent. Sillage is huge, just like hypnotic poison. It also shares many notes with it. The almond is dominant, although it might be backed up by pistachio. It's a very good feminine fragrance, even if there are similar ones on the market. I tried it at the airport and will buy it soon.
Dec 27, 2017

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