Giorgio for Men 
Giorgio Beverly Hills (1984)

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Giorgio for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills

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Giorgio Beverly Hills
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Was discontinued for several years but relaunched by new GBH owners, Elizabeth Arden.

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Reviews of Giorgio for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills

There are 85 reviews of Giorgio for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills.

An incredible bargain for such a quality fragrance. Honey, oakmoss and patchouli are present. Powerful sillage and great longevity. Beautiful bottle. Giorgio for men is a classic.

This is no more synthetic than 99% of fragrances today. In a world of IFRA restrictions this is keeping very true to the vintage, which I have as well.

Opens with a bright and juicy orange with some aldehydes. Excellent patchouli hearts along with carnation and cinnamon. Closing out with one of the best honey notes along with oak moss and vanilla.

Overall a powerhouse 80s scent still relevant today when so many are so subdued.

It's hard to believe how inexpensive this is for the high quality you get. The packaging and bottle alone are worth the price you pay. But then that awesome juice smells like it should cost 4 times as much. I would easily pay $60 for this. The thing that tops it all off is this legendary beast still has genuine OAKMOSS! The quality, performance, scent and value is simply unmatched in the industry. I hope E.A. Fragrances keeps everything JUST THE WAY IT IS because they've really got something here to brag about!

Very very bad! I don't find the words to explain. It's like old incense. I don't know if it is because I have the new version but it smells like rotten flowers and it is very heavy.

Don't get this at all. Bought as a blind buy (cheap, heritage status) but the opening was a much harsher version of Aramis with none of the pleasant drydown of that fragrance. Went wrong by having 3-4 sprays and couldn't get the overpowering cinnamon/raw ginger smell out of my nose all day. I know it's well regarded but it's a definite scrubber for me...if I could get the scent off with a wire brush!

I bought this earlier this week. It has become my guilty pleasure. It reminds me of Paco Robanne PH mixed with Ted Lapidus PH. I have a 118ml bottle that says "Made in Spain" with batch number Y19304A. It unfortunately doesnt seem as strong as reviews make it out to be. One or two sprays of this it quickly becomes a skin scent after 2 hours. Ive been wearing it all week even at work and pretty much no one noticed I was wearing it. I only caught a few whiffs throughout a span of 24 hours. I even had to re-apply it after work to continue to enjoy the scent. Maybe its just my nose getting used to it?

Overall I think it smells nice: 7/10
Bottle design: 10/10
Sillage: 6.5/10
Longevity: 6.5/10

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