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Giorgio Beverly Hills (1996)


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Giorgio Aire by Giorgio Beverly Hills

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Giorgio Aire is a women's perfume launched in 1996 by Giorgio Beverly Hills

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Reviews of Giorgio Aire by Giorgio Beverly Hills

There are 1 reviews of Giorgio Aire by Giorgio Beverly Hills.

Although I have worn Giorgio Aire almost exclusively since it's inception, all the bottles I've tried to purchase well as what's left in my own bottle(s)...have gone off.

The original scent was fresh, clean, and light: identified by others as melon-y with a hint of flower underneath. The color in the bottles used to look just like that in the stock photos: a greenish blue (note the emphasis on blue, not green).

Now the first identifiable scent is alcohol, a sharp unpleasant "sting," and the color is definitely green . . . which means that the perfume inside has begun to turn amber (making the product in the bottle look more green than blue now).

I cannot recommend purchase even of carefully tended bottles. I believe all of it has deteriorated.

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