Ginger Zest de Citron 
PK Perfumes (2012)

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Ginger Zest de Citron by PK Perfumes

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Ginger Zest de Citron is a shared scent launched in 2012 by PK Perfumes

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Reviews of Ginger Zest de Citron by PK Perfumes

There are 3 reviews of Ginger Zest de Citron by PK Perfumes.

Stardate 20190814:

This one is very light. Very unlike Paul's other fragrances.
Citrus, musk, vetiver all very light. There are some spices that are even more muted.
Not bad but I see no reason to buy it

This is the second PK scent I have liked out of the five I have tried.

This opens for me with an orange mint freshness that is cool and refreshing.

There is a hint of the numerous white florals (Mimosa, Ginger Lily, Freesia, Jasmines) lingering in the background.

It then brings its heart to the fore which is reminiscent of the honeyed floral chypres of the 1930s and 1940s (Schiaparelli's Shocking comes to mind).

The dry down is that of a light floral over a pleasant woody base.

Most unusual and complicated. Mr. Kiler puts dozens of ingredients into his scents, but I can usually smell no more than a few. I wonder if he is wasting his money on purchasing oils that cancel each other out in his compositions.

In any case, this is an enjoyable and uplifting scent, which I would think to be most successful on a hot summer's day.

This one does not work for me at all!
I had hoped it would either be Ginger Zest // de Citron or Ginger // Zest de Citron. Either would have been fine.
However, I find that the admirable list of citrus notes barely registers.
I don't see "ginger" listed as a note. Rather, there is "curry spices." This is the great problem for me, because what I get is not ginger but turmeric and a veritable ton of it. After a while, that turmeric-curry note utterly dominates and gets tiresome.
Briefly, at the beginning, the scent was OK and even intriguing. The florals were pleasant and not too sweet. I got hints of leather and a kind of medicinal note.
But, as I said, the curry note on my skin just dominated and made the scent unwearable.

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