Ginger Essence 
Origins (2000)

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Ginger Essence by Origins

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Designed to complement the Origins Ginger bath & body collection.

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Reviews of Ginger Essence by Origins

There are 10 reviews of Ginger Essence by Origins.

I'm an unabashed ginger fan, so when I first heard this was coming out I couldn't wait to try it...and I've continuously owned some ever since. I can understand it could be a little too much for some, butI absolutely love it and it seems to suit me.

I also own some of their Ginger with a Twist, but only use this *very* sparingly, when I might need waking up. It's really quite startling, which isn't always what you look for!

The one to go to for a wake-up call. Fresh ginger, freshly grated so it has the sharp lemony tang - wow! So refreshing.

I rather like this one.It's light enough for everyday wear and not too complicated, while still being interesting.

Love it! I wear it most of the time. It's ginger, lemon/lime scent is casual but seductive. It's invigorating and awakens the senses. I get many compliments on it.

Ginger ale with lemonade and a helping of fizzy cola bottles on the side. Some days this feels like too much to take in and some days the space-dust like buzzing of this fragrance is just right. Prepare to be refreshed! I'd avoid it on headache-y days; it's too sweet for those and if you're looking for a more true Ginger scent without all the faff, go for the original Ginger perfume by Lush instead (Origins version came after).

Imagine Happy with more ginger and less grapefruit, all on a bed of amber and light sandalwood. The ginger is strong and zesty, but not strong enough to keep the longevity where it needs to be. (Expect fairly frequent re-applications with this one.)Beautifully blended, yes, but (again) the longevity sucks. Moderate sillage. Easily unisex, but leans just a hair toward the feminine.Thumbs up, but with the things above duly noted.

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