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There are 1 reviews of Ginger Blanc by Hové Parfumeur.

Hove – Ginger Blanc

I have no idea if the oil of the Hawaiian White Ginger Lily carries its own scent or if, like the Gardenia, it has no scent, necessitating the creation of a scent by mixing other oils.

If this is so, my impression here is of tuberose and jasmine. There is the olaceous headiness of tuberose and the green tinge of jasmine absolute present here. The Ginger Lily does remind a number of reviewers of jasmine, so the use of that oil would be considered appropriate in a Ginger Lily composition.

The Hove is quite strong and beautiful. It is more of a success than their Gardenia. Comparing it to the White Ginger of New Orleans’ only other parfumerie, Bourbon French, I find that the BF White Ginger is entirely different, coming closest to the banana-like scent of ylang ylang without any hint of tuberose or jasmine. If you recall a soft candy of the 20th century, in the shape of a peanut, (the scent was that of banana – go figure - and the company was Spangler), the scent is remarkably similar.

In summation, both the Hove and Bourbon French versions of White Ginger are excellent, just entirely different. If I ever actually inhale the aroma of a White Ginger Lily, I will edit this review, comparing both of the above to the real thing.
Jun 8, 2019

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