Ginger Biscuit 
Jo Malone London (2013)

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Ginger Biscuit by Jo Malone London

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Jo Malone London
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From the Limited Edition 'Sugar & Spice' Collection.

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Reviews of Ginger Biscuit by Jo Malone London

There are 4 reviews of Ginger Biscuit by Jo Malone London.

What strikes me first is the caramel, the cinnamon and the hazelnut. A pleasant trio, with the hazelnut being dominant on me; a hazelnut that is crafted well indeed.

In the drydown I find the ginger, which is discreet and more in the background and more of an accompaniment than playing the solo fiddle. Whiffs of a faint oak note come and go.
There is a good tonka impression developing too, especially in the later stages, some vanilla also, and a restrained spiciness due to a nutmeg impression that adds additional depth to the whole.

I get moderate sillage, good projection, and a very good ten hours of longevity on my skin.

Quite a bright autumn scent for warmer days with a gourmand feeling towards the end. The ginger is maybe a bit too bland in me, and sone ingredients are not particularly vivid, but overall this a respectable composition. 3/5.

Ginger Biscuit feels to me more like a feminine scent, and I had a hard time trying to connect with it as a man even with all edible fragrance notes within.

(It goes to show that a person's perception ultimately will overshadow his or her expectations and desires of a scent, no matter what the notes are; it's all in how the scent is crafted, as well as skin chemistry, environmental influences, knowing how other's respond to what they smell on you, quality / age of the fragrance, etc. etc.).

Anyhow...Jo Malone's "Sugar & Spice Collection" outing of Ginger Biscuit does come across as delicious, nicely constructed with enticing notes that create a layered, delectable natural experience. It's like a warm, buttery sweet biscuit kissed with lovely nutmeg and ginger spice, with caramel and vanilla being two of the most dominant notes.

Needs to be experienced to be understood and believed, then you can decide if THIS is something you'd like to smell like and experience for hours at a time as a bona fide gourmand scent.

I love this cologne, i tracked down the second last bottle in London before it sold out and i'm hoping it becomes a permanent fixture. It is initially warm, sweet and spicy vanilla which wears to a rich spicy hot milk and finally fades to sweet ginger. Comforting, sexy and long lasting this is not for the faint hearted. For those who like Thierry Muglers Angel, Hypnotic Poison and anything vanilla.

Wow! I've never had to scrub or shower off ANY fragrance before, BUT......

Initially I loved Ginger Biscuit when sampled at Neiman's, along with all the other ones. While I admire this limited collection's theme and imagery (British puddings and desserts) "Sugar and Spice", I must say I will be GIVING this away ASAP. Not soon enough, LOL. Unfortunately I chipped the bottle by dropping it so unable to return it : (.

I recieved mixed reactions from people on the bus. I wear cologne all the time, and have never had so many mixed and wierd responses from a fragrance (including myself feeling uncomfortable from it's cloying sweetness). Some scrunched their noses and looked odd, others sat closer (?), I could smell this coming off me so strong (and didn't overspray). It is the most wierd fragrance experience I've ever had and have owned MANY fragrances from many different lines.

I imagine this might do well on women, it will definetely get you noticed! And is the most sweet, odd scent I've tried (and I LOVE ginger and nutmeg, etc). But won't be purchasing the others in the Suagar and Spice line. I've read reviews that Bitter Orange and Chocolate is off putting as well. But others may enjoy this, so good luck : )

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