Gingembre fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Japanese Ginger, Neroli, Bergamot
  • Heart

    • Jamaican Ginger, Ambrette
  • Base

    • Benzoin, Musk

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Latest Reviews of Gingembre

Eau de Gingembre reminds me of an early spring day after a dusty rain where you can smell the damp from the earth and the grass. Where the sky is almost blue and the trees have fresh green leaves.

The scent has a really refreshing zesty and spicy feel. The initial phase reminds me of Solo Loewe For Men, oddly enough. It has a little citrusy, sweet, and above all gingery opening that feels sheer at first, but then intensifies as it begins to dry down. The spices in the heart are subtle, and the base is powdery and musky.

The ginger is carried beautifully through this composition, balanced on the one end by sweet citruses, and on the other end be earthy musky and delicate spice notes. It also has a slightly soapy feeling to it. Unfortunately, it doesn't exude for a long time and ends up being very close to the skin, but the lasting is good.
18th July 2022
On its own, ginger oil smells flat and dry. Not so much like the root - and not very interesting, so it was extended it in different ways.
Gingembre is called an Eau but it isn't a citrus - its no heat busting fresh cologne. It is however, warm, balsamic and lightly spiced, which makes it feel like an Eau de Cologne Ambrée given a make over.
Not bad but it doesn't last long enough.
19th July 2017

Light neroli that starts out slightly soapy upon initial spray. Very little ginger in this one folks. This will rock in the summer though. A hint of florals and light musk make for a decent fragrance. Projection and longevity are below average. 7/10
27th December 2015
Ginger symphonyThe ginger notes are elegant, light and fresh - helped by bergamot and neroli - but sufficiently complex with some development on my skin. The base is dull and boring though. A light scent for ginger lovers with the ginger being well done. Limited image and projection with three hours of longevity. For warmer weather this is a nice composition.
19th October 2013
In agreement with the 5 previous reviewers that this is a pleasing wearable scent. Eau de Gingembre conjures up no foody visions of little men decorated with jelly drops, but it does have a certain crispness in its spicy warmth that makes it very refreshing on a hot day and has enough body to last 2-3 hours on my skin (which is better than some very highly priced Eaux) Totally unisex.
4th August 2011
I don't get much ginger and what I do get is a fresh ginger (as opposed to a warm ginger biscuit scent, for example), but it is very nice. I can smell a warm orangey citrus and the drydown reminds me of orange butter icing!
13th September 2010
i love this scent. high quality, clean, crisp, ginger citrus with hints of musk at the drydown. truly enjoyable and wearable by all. i wish this lasted longer, like summer.
30th September 2009
I usually don't care for a strong ginger note in fragrances. I love the use of ginger in Eau de Gengembre. It is gentle and refreshing. The opening is light and citrusy with a pleasant element of Japanese ginger: Apparently the whole plant – leaves, flowers, and root – is used for the ginger note. The ginger strength does get a bit stronger with the heart, and it is sweetened a tiny bit by ambrette: This heart accord is as balanced, refined, and delicate as the opening. For the drydown, the ginger is almost exhausted, but it does leave a sharpness that wouldn't be there if there were no ginger. The drydown is almost sweet, musky, and short lasting. I love the refreshingly light ginger ambiance of this fragrance. It is especially welcome on those muggy days that are so prevalent here. Of course, since it is an Eau, so it doesn't last very long, but its reasonable price allows for frequent touch ups. I love this one.
23rd August 2008
Fragrance notes: citrus, ginger, “oriental flowers”, muskThis is an attractive eau de cologne, very much in the R&G style. In my opinion, that means a somewhat under-rated performer, quite competent if not brilliant. R&G's in my experience don't have a lot of initial flash but with a couple of sturdy applications they quietly maintain well all day. The florals here are lovely and so is the musk dry-down. There is nothing so pretty or sweet here that keeps me from wearing it. My one caveat is that there is nothing “gingery” about this scent. No spice, no crisply acidic tones or tangy wood notes that are found in freshly-sliced ginger. I think that is a hard note to render in a scent but it would be great to find.
20th April 2008
Very much in the tradition of Mugler Cologne.Fresh & clean - great for a hot and humid day.
15th January 2006