Gifts of the Magi 
Alkemia Apothecary and Perfumery (2017)

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About Gifts of the Magi by Alkemia Apothecary and Perfumery

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The company says:

We are pleased to offer this very limited private reserve blend of eight year aged golden amber, Ethiopian frankincense, and Kenyan opopanax cured with aromatic herbs - salam bay leaves, pink peppercorns, spicebush, thyme, coriander, tonka beans, and deerstongue fern. These were then blended with a complex, resinous alchemy of Assam oud, Andalusian labdanum, Cedar of Lebanon infused with Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla; dokha tobacco infused with rare Criollo cacao beans, and Tolu Balsam.

“You have no idea how hard I've looked for a gift to bring You. Nothing seemed right. What's the point of bringing gold to the gold mine, or water to the ocean. Everything I came up with was like taking spices to the Orient. It's no good giving my heart and my soul because you already have these. So I've brought you a mirror. Look at yourself and remember me.” (Jalaluddin Rumi, 1207)

Our private reserve blends feature our very finest perfume ingredients hand gathered in the wild or specially curated from the perfume souks in Dubai, Uttar Pradesh, Marrakech, and Cairo. Like most Arabian style perfumes, these blends are intensely concentrated.

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Reviews of Gifts of the Magi by Alkemia Apothecary and Perfumery

There are 2 reviews of Gifts of the Magi by Alkemia Apothecary and Perfumery.

The oil fragrances of Alkemia remind me a little of BPAL’s lineup - fun, kind of short-lived, like smelling fragrance oils in a head shop, but better.

Gifts of the Magi is resinous and smooth, and reminds me of Indian Sandalwood (Santalum alum), and also Tam Dao and Avignon. It’s all very smooth, clean, and beautiful; it’s also meditative and calming.

If you like fragrances of this genre, Gifts of the Magi is worth sampling. It’s a standout from this house.
Jul 13, 2021

While I like most of the several scents that I have tried from this house, they often fade away a little sooner than I would like. Gifts of the Magi is another story, however! And on my skin it is To Die For! A shape-shifting and warm scent. Very well balanced among the incense, spice and vanilla notes, drifting a little toward floral, then woods, then... You must try this one. It is a special reserve, limited edition, so not always available. Look for it on Etsy near Christmas time. On my skin, this one lasted 6 to 8 hours.
Jan 15, 2020

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