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Gianni Versace by Versace

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Reviews of Gianni Versace by Versace

There are 7 reviews of Gianni Versace by Versace.

A floral wave opens up this olfactory experience, with tuberose and dried fruits in the foreground. A nonspecific slightly sweet spiciness is also present, and initially all these are permeated by a bight aldehyde-infused bergamot.

The main thrust is floral though, and this is enforced in the drydown by darker jasmine impression, as well as touches of narcissus and transient whiffs of muguet. The discreetly spicy side is continued by a soft hint of orris at this stage.

The base phase adds a smooth and inoffensive benzoin/styrax note, which is like a pinch of salt added to the dominant florals.

The oakmoss mention in the scent pyramid is hardly recognisable on me , as is the leather - save a nigh imperceptible suede-like moment towards the end.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection, and seven hours of longevity on my skin.

This is an intriguing creation for cool spring evenings, with stretches of rather original smell combinations in the first half particularly. The quality of the ingredients is excellent, but at the end they lose a bit of their vibrancy - a risk one takes in samples of some age of a discontinued product. Overall a gorgeous evening beauty. 4/5

I agree with Andre, the vintage frags were stronger. I have alot of fragrance formula in cologne and it's stronger than today's eau de parfum. Not all, but quite a few that makes you sit up and take notice. Gianni Versace smells really good. I should have known tuberose was one of the notes, as I love tuberose.

Those good ol' times.... Extraordinary fragrance from the end of Seventies/ beginning of Eighties. Very, very long longevity and strong sillage., The EDT is equivalent to a modern Eau de Parfum. And it's good, very good. You can literally "smell the quality"-. two thumbs up. BTW the bottle is NOT the one in picture, but this: Pros: You can "smell the quality"Cons:

Another disappeared gem forgotten nowadays but still alife in the memory of some lovers and collectors. In the same vein of some complex, vintage-animal and "stuffy"  concoctions of the past as First V&A, Diva Ungaro, Fendi, Salvador Dali for women, Ysatis and others this one is an heavy combination of bergamot, citrus, a bouquet of flowers (notable tuberose and jasmine), patchouli and a base of woods, oakmoss, balsams, patchouli and incense. The outcome was glorious, important and highly refined as the scent of the intellectual ( in jewellery and fur) aged aunt of your best friend. Pleasantly "stuck", rich (but not syrupy) and decadent with accents of leather, fruity mellifluence and mould. One of the smells swirling around in the course of my adolescence. A thumbs up.

Amarige/Ysatis/Organza smell similar to this. Gianni Versace is the typical fullbodied and fatal female scent.

It's funny but I can only smell the flowers (tuberose, gardenia, jazmin, lily of the valley) and a week halo of spices and incense. I don't feel a strong presence of leather notes or patchuli, so Gianni isn't as cloying or overpowering as it seems.

The lasting power is good.I like it a lot.

This is an amazing fragrance that should be relaunched. I have been looking for, but unable to find, a winter scent that is close to Gianni Versace Original.

This is a truly amazing fragrance. If you are lucky enough to procure a bottle, it will become your signature.

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