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There is really no Gentleman to purchase these days, just a cheap and vulgar imitation of a timeless classic . The vulgar imitation is in the same old bottle but no perfume really is present inside the bottle.

How long must perfume lovers endure having their favorite perfumes turned into garbage? And the perfumers have the audacity to call it the same name and hike the price up instead of down.
11th July 2023
Is a very pleasant smell, a perfume for everyday for me. I choose my SOTD depending on weather, activity, and mood mostly. This one reminds me when I was living in Arizona, I don't know why, but those were good times. A perfume that can make you remember good memories is always good. Nothing complex but is not a basic smell neither. Always give a full try before buying if possible.
11th October 2021

Interesting that this little diddy gets savaged. I think it is a pretty good fragrance. There is something a bit off and synthetic about the opening fruity pear thing, but as that dies down they actually did a good job on the mid and base here. That is so rare these days in a mass pleaser. Its got some dry woody vetiver stuff in the mid, that almost feels like a fractured version. It is a clear white woody thing. The iris hold. That pear in the opening mixed with the iris gives that facet a Ultra Male thing, but at an appropriate volume. I like the bottle. I like most things about this one, and think I might pick up one from this line. It does smell masculine, though in a clean way, and not an overly trying to be the sexy man with an upturned collar.
17th February 2021
I was given a sample of this by the rep after buying Terre d'Hermes. Gentleman has a fairly strong leather note and sweet citrus almost green notes. It's light and inoffensive and would be a good office frag. Scores a neutral because I won't be buying a full bottle and I think there's better leather fragrances for the money.
13th June 2020
For those who grew up on Cuisine perfume - with its naturalistic smells,
this woody-fruity aromatic mush - with too much pepper sauce - is like eating a dessert from a burger joint.
Synthetic and unsatisfying.
1st June 2020
This reminds me of something not too pleasant from my British childhood. Dettol disinfectant! Horrendous.
26th May 2019
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