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Reviews of Gentleman Cologne by Givenchy

There are 9 reviews of Gentleman Cologne by Givenchy.

Like a cool glass of lemonade,but not too sweet and not too much sugar.this glass of bergamot lemonade is for a handsome gentleman.this fragrance smells exactly like the bottle looks like,fresh,clean, other words citrusy,a bit powdery, elegant and sophisticated yet simple. Gentleman Cologne absolutely nothing like the original.there's something delicious about it,and,well, there's not a single element that gets in the way of wanting to smell it again and again.

It opens with a fresh,clean and delicious burst of lemon and with a nice touch of has a delicate and sophisticated touch of iris and herbs in the heart. the dry down is dominated by citruses with a nice touch of musk and wood.GC is a crowd pleaser and ladies appreciate how fresh you's versatile enough to spray with just a white-t-shirt and pair of jeans on,or a little more dressed-up.i usually don't like flankers but this honestly is a very good fresh/summer fragrances around.
Jul 30, 2021

Fresh while it lasts but not interesting, not original, and not present after a few hours. Bergamot and the hint of an idea of iris.
Jun 28, 2021

I have been looking at (sniffing) more colorless fragrances lately and this one caught my attention after trying a spritz. I went walking about for the better part of 3 hours
and found myself going back to my wrist and sniffing it again and again.
It is not a blow-your-mind scent, but it is clean and non-heavy despite the fact that I tend to like loud fragrances, I like this one. The scent evolves as time goes by, but I do not get any vetiver. However, I like it just as it is: clean, citrusy and fresh.
A keeper for me.
Dec 12, 2020

This doesn't smell bad by any stretch of the imagination. But to me it almost smells like absolutely nothing at all. I get the iris and a little bit of citrus right at the start, but that's really about it. If you're looking for something subtle then I'm sure this is fine. But to me it's a waste of time and money to put on anything that doesn't stand out more than my fabric softener.

The only one I'd really recommend from this "new Gentleman" line is the EDP.

EDIT: Today I decided to spray on twice as much as before, both to use up the rest of my sample, and also to see if I could get anything more from it. It certainly smells clean, and sticks a bit longer. Not terribly soapy. But there's just so many other more interesting things out there.
Jun 17, 2019

Gentleman Cologne (2019) is a lighter and more-summery take on the Gentleman Givenchy (2017) phenomenon and is designed to compete alongside summer citrus colognes like Dior Homme Cologne (2014), Chanel Allure Homme Sport Cologne (2006) and L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme Fraîche by Issey Miyake (2016). This segment doesn't have much wiggle room for variation without going into full neroli traditional eau de cologne mode or branching into something else like an aquatic or ozonic, but Givenchy has done decently enough with Gentlemen Cologne to not fail at the given task, if that is all you need to hear when deciding on making a purchase. For me, there are a ton better citrus cologne options, many of them antique by modern mall fashion standards, although I can appreciate the attempt to liven the primary accord with more zest given the original Gentleman Givenchy was about as phoned-in of a trend-riding zombie juice as it gets.

Gentleman Cologne opens with lemon and lots of it: a very fresh and pleasant straightforward "lemon shaved ice" kind of tone which is very sharp but not unpleasantly so on the nose. Petitgrain and bergamot join the lemon and there you have the primary character of the scent. Most eau de colognes live in this moment and then are gone in 30 minutes, but since this still needs to have the full dry down as per most mall fragrances, the citrus gives way to rosemary and orris root, which soap things down a bit and keep them barbershop in feel until that ambroxide-fueled base appears. The ambroxan is dialed way down low and with Haitian vetiver replacing the woody tones it doesn' create that woody amber glow that most things in the category do, but a laundry musk note sweetens the finish. It's all pretty meh by this point and I can no longer tell that this was meant to be a fresh citrus cologne, but the opening was rather nice at least until the sloppily-assembled aromachemicals attacked.

Wear time is decent for an eau de toilette, which is what this really is, but the "cologne" aspects (the best part) are over after the first hour, replaced by a generic ambery sweet mall masculine accord that does extend the life of the wear but does so unnaturally, with no real transition from the top into the base. You're wearing a nice lemon Italian soda one minute, then a weaker version of Gentleman Givenchy the next, and that is where I find most fault in this. Had Gentlemen Cologne been a real cologne, and gone for the hour of glorious natural freshness, I would say bravo and give this a thumbs up, but as it stands, they just stapled eau de cologne top notes to a bargain bin clone version of their own pillar in the base, for another cynical cash grab that will likely cause more serious fragrance guys to give up on House Givenchy and slide upwards into the ever-inflating world of overpriced luxury niche brands, who will deliver the experience this could have delivered for four times the cash. Hard pass.
May 19, 2019

Fantastic jus!!

This is a modern interpretation of the venerable Mugler Cologne. There is a clear connection between the two however Gentleman Cologne adds several aspects (dimensions) that bolsters the position of this jus as fresh sunny yet versatile.
Almost love at first sniff. Definitely love at continued sniffing :)

Full bottle worthy.
May 13, 2019

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