Genre fragrance notes

    • frankincense, suede, living stallion accord

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Suede Jackets, Handbags, and Stallions...Oh My!?
Since owning Cuir Ottoman and Ann Gerard Cuir de Nacre, I have been on the hunt for that realistic suede, handbag-esque, refined niche leather scent. The hunt comes to an abrupt halt with Genre. This is clean yet slightly resinous-sweet, very smooth, warm and reminiscent of brand new suede jacket. It is a mixture of that handbag-esque leather, suede, and only a whisper of raw "living stallion" accord they call it. Which is another way to describe a raw-animalic-leathery nuance. Arabian Horse by Pierre Guillaume was a prime example of a pronounced "stallion" accord. None of these notes stand out over the other which really sets this fragrance apart from the 3 aforementioned. I would probably describe the Main Accords to read as such: Leathery, Musky, Sweet, Powdery, Balsamic, Animalic. I would not call this masculine nor would I would call it feminine. It is somewhere in between, different from the rest of the leather scents I've come across, and a overall...a successful blind buy.
2nd June 2022