Génie de Bois 
Keiko Mecheri (2000)

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Génie de Bois by Keiko Mecheri

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Génie de Bois is a shared scent launched in 2000 by Keiko Mecheri

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Reviews of Génie de Bois by Keiko Mecheri

There are 7 reviews of Génie de Bois by Keiko Mecheri.

This is a truly beautiful wooded violet. The two scents of woods and violets as well as a bit of pepper blend seamlessly. I don't find this to change a lot throughout the wearing, but it is a true violet with woods. And it lasts very nicely on the skin. A comfortable scent for a sophisticated woman. I think a confident man could wear this as well since it's not sweet. I feel this one out performs FdB which is fleeting on my skin.

I was hoping for a fresh cut grass green fragrance. Sorely disappointed with this! You know what this smells like? The bubble gum sticks from an old pack of Topps baseball cards. Bubblegum and wood pulp. It wasn't pleasing to wear at all.

It is greens over balm. Violet very natural comes after fifteen minutes, and adss up a sweetnes to scent. A nice balm is dominant in the scent. on the drydown it becomes soapy and more ordinary. Though not my style i found it enjoyable and wearable. A green lover may be fond of it.

This is one of my favorite perfumes. If you enjoy violets and cedar, you would most likely enjoy this. I love it because when I apply it, it smells like Violets and Cedar...5 hours later it smells like violets and cedar...I love it. I don't like powdery scents, and many violet perfumes seem powdery to me, this one does not, and I like that. BTW, Luckyscent lists different notes in this perfume - Violet, Cedar and exotic woods. BN's listing is correct, I just thought that was interesting! :)

I get sweetness and wood with some spice. its not like any scent im familiar with..and as a result..evokes no emotion or connection to a memory. Instead i find myself smelling my wrist out of confusion to something completely foreign to me. Never have i been so perplexed by a scent and i am left completely on the wall on its appeal or lack of. That said...if you have a fondness of violets im sure you will get more out of it than i have.

Sorry, I can't handle this one–it certainly is not for me. It's my personal aberration, but there is too much of a violet leaf note in Genie des Bois. To my nose, this one gets close to repulsion. No thank you.

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