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Acqua di Parma (2011)

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Gelsomino Nobile by Acqua di Parma

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Reviews of Gelsomino Nobile by Acqua di Parma

Close my eyes and inhale. Image of a poet girl in a ladylike way. Minimal make up. White eyelet dress, silk scarves her hair softly cascading down her back with a few jasmine flowers tucked here and there, holding a simple bouquet of lilies, on the beach in walking toward the love of her life. This is a ovely clean elegant florals!creamy perfect white boquet! It smells like citrus blossoms and white flowers on a warm breeze with a little underlying musk. Lovely and feminine. This is not a perfume you would wear to make yourself stand out. It's a soft and easygoing day perfume, meant for people who want to smell pleasant but nothing more. One of those perfumes that depended on your skin chemistry.

Jasmine is an indulgent flower and in Gelsomino Nobile the jasmine is allowed to shine, but it is beautifully balanced by the soft musk which makes it radiate in a soft sparkle. A clean jasmine and wood scent kissed with something sweet with a citrus opening that's downright refreshing. Not too sharp, not too sweet. This scent doesn't scream for attention, instead it gets heads turning by just being there at the moment. It's casual and sophisticated at the same time. It also transcends age because this can be worn by teenagers as well as mature women.

Totally Gelsomino Nobile is about knowing and being comfortable with your feminity. You don't have to slap someone in the face with it. You just let this sensuous fragrance emphasize your feminity. If you're a jasmine floral fan, this is a very deep and very good jasmine. It's a glassy jasmine like a decorative jasmine. Wear this EDP and sitting in the garden on a hot summer's day, with fresh washing on the line blowing gently in the breeze and catching the odd waft of it in the air.

The opening is really good: orange, a white light pepper note and a strong tuberose, with a very nice jasmine developing. Then, after about two hours, it collapses on my skin to a shadow of its former glory: a nondescript musk-woodsy base that it quite uninspiring, in spite of an uninspiring floral background. Initially silage and longevity are good, and the total longevity is over five hours on me

A simply constructed blossom sweet fragrance from AdP, that would have succeeded if a little more creativity had been expended on the base.

It opens with a deep, florally sweet accord, which is potent without being overbearing. It has a peachy, blossom quality which feels rich and balanced. Although there is little real development through the heart and base notes, it is the largely musk driven drydown that disappoints most of all. Had AdP kept this as a linear,floral fragrance with high grade ingredients, it would probably have succeeded. The sillage is decent and appropriate for the genre, but I struggled to get much more than five hours of meaningful life out of this EdP.

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