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When in the Norway Pavilion at EPCOT on numerous trips, this fragrance was everywhere. I loved it. I finally bought a bottle after several trips.
First off, I have received many compliments when wearing Geir. But honestly, each time I wear it I feel like I'm living inside a cinnamon roll. The only scents I pick up are powdered sugar and cotton candy. Eventually, it gives me headaches.
When I spray it onto objects (other than my skin), I pick up some green notes, and some floral notes, but again, on the skin it becomes a cinnamon bun.

** Revisiting this fragrance, I was simply overspraying. Applied more judiciously, Geir rocks. Still get the sweet gourmand notes, but no headaches. My wife really likes this one.**
24th October 2019
This one is super nice, but way too feminine for my skin. This makes Black Orchid a masculine macho man fragrance, in comparison.

What we have with Geir, is a soft, very sweet, vanilla inspired floral bouquet, highlighted with (what to me smells like) iris, rose, and a hint of jasmine, while with some other less distinguishable floral notes. It's fair to say, that this is indeed a flower bomb, no pun intended.

As it dries, it becomes a little herbal, and much less sweet. At which point, it becomes pretty enjoyable to me. However, I wear a fragrance for the entire thing, not just the heart and dry down. Geir just doesn't cut it for me, though quite different, and very much respectable.
5th August 2019

This is a niche fragrance made by the Norweigan perfumer Geir Ness as supposedly representing the spirit of Norway as a country. It is advertised as smelling like "crisp mountain air" and is made of high-quality ingredients. I first smelled this at the Norway pavillion at Epcot in Disneyworld, and was smitten by the fragrance almost immediately. The whole giftshop smells like this, while also being high in air conditioning, so it gives the effect of mountain air. I can't really pinpoint the notes in this that well, except for smelling a green undercurrent, and lots of sweet herbal and floral notes. It gets sweeter over time with something that smells like vanilla to my nose. It does give me the sense of mountain air but also sweet herbs growing in the underbrush. Some people say this is like the niche version of Chanel's Allure Homme Sport - I can't say since I haven't sampled the Chanel. Projection is very good. It projects in the air but in a subtle, non-cloying way. While longevity is fairly good, running at around 3 hours of strong projection and then as a skin scent many more hours after that. Overall, I really love this fragrance and it's one of my favourite scents. I really like pairing it with Pinaud Clubman, if using it after a shave (they are in a similar category of sweet, masculine floral scents). It doesn't really smell like anything else out there, and I will always be nostalgic about it since it reminds me of Epcot.

14th February 2019
The more I wear and smell this, the more it grows on me...I liked it the first time I sampled it , but it just seems to get better the more I smell it...this strikes me as an all- season , all-purpose scent...perfect for the office, family gatherings, a first date , you name it...sweet, but not gourmand...flowery, but not feminine...image I get is standing in a wooded flower garden up in the montains with a fresh soft breeze... fresh and mintlike...citrusy and flowery...agree wholeheartedly with comparisons others have made...there's resemblances to Issey and my nose, this could be a flanker of the Channel Allure Homme line...maybe even a liitle touch of Bleu...bottom line- Fresh Aromatic Citrusy Flower
19th March 2018
A supreme thumbs up on Geir Ness EDP!! A really mature scent that elicits compliments. Reminds me of Allure Homme Sport, yet cleaner, crisper, a bit more refined. (Lise Watier Neiges has a similar vibe.) The watery, herbal mix drives me wild, and this one is a go-to for me on special occasions. I got my second bottle from Nordstrom's, and see myself using it up too! ;-)
27th October 2016
Just read every review of this looking for someone to mention a similarity to AdG but looks like I'm the only one getting that? Oh well, maybe my nose is playing tricks but AdG with extra vanilla is what Geir reminds me of in the opening. I do get Allure Homme Sport as it dries down, but again, AdG was my first thought. Geir has more of that cool, watery, airiness that AdG has, to me, in the beginning, and then it's all Allure Homme Sport after an hour or two.

Update: Testing this one further and it actually more closely resembles Allure Home Sport Eau Extreme than the original Allure Sport and definitely more than AdG.
29th September 2016
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