Gaultier - to the power of two: A unisex fragrance from M. Gaultier. Housed in a magnetic bottle, which is designed to attract other bottles of Gaultier². "A fragrance for one or the other that unites masculine and feminine through the most intimate aspect of each; the sensuality of the skin"

Gaultier² fragrance notes

    • Amber, Musk, Vanilla

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Latest Reviews of Gaultier²

As many people may have reviewed this fragrance, I feel a little fumbled.

Upon first smelling this fragrance over 5 years ago, I inmediately fell in love with it. The pureness of the smell, combined with the amazing longlasting scent of fluffy sweet vanilla never left my mind.
When I stumbled upon a 120ml bottle after a long search, I've made the purchase and it simply keeps amazing me time after time.

Some might like it in cold weather, but for me, this is jsut a night fragrance, that blows everybodies mind when they first smell it.

It's pure, it's extremely longlasting (on my skin, which turns 50% of the fragrances to a pure citrus smell after an hour), it easily sticks for a day. After waking up, it still lingers around and has unmatched performance as far as my collection and knowledge goes.

It's only a 3 note perfume, which has the amazing warmth only matched by Viktor&Rolf Spicebomb Extreme, at least for me.

Can't say anything then this is my number 1 fragrance out there.

I'd buy any 120ml bottle that passes by, just to be safe for the future.

TLDR; Amazing smell, Amazing performance, amazing projection, 10/10 for me.
9th April 2020
A simple but good perfume. It smells like vanilla candy and amber but it has more quality than usual mainstream scents.

I am surprised many people have complaints about longevity cuz on me it lasts 9 hours +.

A nice choice for cold days.

Too bad it was discontinued.
2nd June 2018

Femme sweet candy soap.

Florals dominate this scent.
20th February 2018
As some have pointed out, Gaultier² is candy sweet and quite stronger than the original Le Male. I see this unisex fragrance as more suited to a woman (who doesn't mind wearing bubble-gum sweet scents!) than a man. Not my cup of tea, but I don't think it's outright awful, per se.
24th December 2016
I found this at my mother's house after she passed. I think my brother left it behind. I think this might be one of my top ten fav's. It is for cold weather wearing. I feel so warm and toasty when I wear this.
26th March 2016
JPG perfumes always commands attention and often makes you feel like a panther and GAULTIER 2 is not exception too as it without doubt should make you feel very sweetness in this type of fragrances(Oriental Vanilla) always create a lot of debate.bold, powerful, irresistible,seductive,heady, fascinating and rich.

GAULTIER 2 opens with a intense wave of vanilla and this note gives it a distinct character and sensual musk and lovely amber are complement it.the drydown is deep and remarkable.I think this unisex is more popular for ladies for me it is in a cloying is definitely a night fragrance that should be used sparingly.

perfect for cold seasons.In my opinion GUALTIER 2 is one of those scents that chemistry really is determinant and makes a difference as if you are one of the lucky ones,it is a wonderful perfume but if you are unlucky it will make a cheap scent so you should try on your skin before buying it.
23rd April 2015
Gaultier 2 opens to a bubblegum scent, which will probably remind you of the newer fragrances like One Million (2008) and L'Homme Parfum Intense (2013). It smells really sweet, candy-like, that transforms into vanilla wafer/cookie after a long time. It is potent and long-lasting. A couple of sprays go a long a way. The dry-down smells like a mixed version of Angel and a vanilla scent from Victoria Secret.

If you are into this type of scents, then you'll probably like this. A thumbs-up, but unenthusiastically.
23rd December 2014
This basically smells like buttercream. Vanilla, vanilla, vanilla, amber, amber, AMBER. Not really my thing.. just too simple and basic. Very unisex, very sweet, very strong, very gourmand. I had 2 - 1.3 oz bottles, 1 I swapped off, the 2nd is on its way out. Barely wore it, and I never reach for it.

Undeniably a high quality fragrance of niche like character. Just make sure you love amber and vanilla, because that's pretty much all this one is. Although I should note, that at some time, it gives out this strange synthetic grape note.
15th December 2014
It smells like a boozy creme brulee that's just a bit overdone. I actually think that what people are describing as a "burnt" smell is more of a boozy quality that makes the vanilla note darker. I also get the orange blossom which brightens it up a bit. Does it smell delicious? Yes it does. Does it smell masculine? I think it's pretty much unisex and I wouldn't feel odd wearing it at all. One word of advice is to only wear this under clothing. 2 sprays on the chest is PLENTY. This stuff projects and lasts like nobody's business. Because of how hard it is to wear and the low versatility I can't recommend this one. Add in the fact that this can become extremely cloying and it makes this not worth a full bottle. A small decant will last you ages.
15th August 2014
This is definitely an interesting one. I get sweet, boozy vanilla, and a hint of orange blossom (I hear that orange blossom happens to be a signature of the perfumer Francis Kurkdjian). There is also a hint of something fruity there, like a blackcurrant/grape note (some people mentioned "bubblegum").

What this strikes me as is a burnt caramel/rum-drenched vanilla vibe but I also get the amber in the background. I would say it's predominantly vanilla, but not in a creamy way, this is more of a dark, almost burnt, vanilla-rum kind of smell, a lot like the vanilla you find in Guerlain fragrances (i.e. Shalimar).

Overall I think it's sweet and a little gourmand but not overtly so. To me it's quite sensual and blends well with warm skin, giving off a very warm and inviting vibe. Would smell great on men or women, I find it quite playful and flirtatious. Very alluring, and although some may find it sweet, I find it actually balances perfectly, it's on the "darker" side of gourmand-sweet really (cognac & crème brûlée). Definateley a cosy, sexy scent for colder nights with loved ones by the fire. Very warm and very nice.
30th April 2014
This one is refreshing my senses every time I wear it. Is both for male and female and I think that this is great! it is like a second skin to me, I wear it on special moments only. Very intense and musky!
18th March 2014
in my top 20 scents, very lush and fall like to me, just right for the cold weather, not well versed on the notes (and how to distinguish one from the other or when one dies down, estc.) that make up the cologne, but i do know that it smells good and lasts :-)
28th November 2013