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Gatsby by Pacoma

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Gatsby is a men's fragrance launched in 1987 by Pacoma

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Reviews of Gatsby by Pacoma

There are 4 reviews of Gatsby by Pacoma.

I am trying to discern the bitter, herbal scent in the top of Gatsby.It reminds me of the Laurel in JHL, or perhaps linden blossom or sage, or maybe even spoilage over time. All I can say for certain is the opening is an old fashioned (think '77-'83) sort of stodgy herbal-amber blend a la Wall Street which eventually fades into a mix of sandal and honey, which then lasts all day, like a space shuttle jettisoning it initial fuel reserve. Like Lauder for Men it's not going to smell contemporary but it will smell well built, well conceived, and will last quite a long time. For those of us holdout weirdos that actually enjoy the hybridized herbal-Orientals of yesteryear Gatsby is some certifiably good stuff.

Stardate 20170321:

A great amber and honey fragrance with woodsy (including SW) base. A masculine of the bygone era.
A lot like vintage Zino by Davidoff. So much that having both might be redundant.

This is an intriguing fragrance, with a deep, rich, vintage smell; similar, to my nose, to Escada pour Homme.

Gatsby goes on with a cognac booze-laced dark candied fruit accord before quickly incorporating slightly sweet amber into the mix during the heart phase of its development. The cognac and dark candied fruit very slowly recede as time passes, allowing the amber to take the fore and remain the star throughout the rest of the scent's linear development, coupling with a subtle underlying woody accord acting as support in the dry-down. Projection is below average and longevity is very good at about 9-11 hours on skin.

Gatsby is one of those elusive scents that one may never even hear about let alone ever get a chance to sniff. It came out in the late eighties, but never really caught on and fell into semi-obscurity. That said, having sniffed it I am convinced it is something special. The boozy open is really sublime, but unlike many scents where the top notes burn off quickly, the cognac in Gatsby remains for quite some time before dissipating. The dark candied fruit accord is difficult to describe, but it is almost prune-like in its nature. Finally, the amber used has that perfect balance of adding some sweetness to the scent while never coming even close to the "too sweet" side of the spectrum. If I had any gripe with Gatsby, it would have to be the scent does not develop much throughout; pretty much what you experience first is what you get throughout. I guess that is really not so bad when the scent smells so fine. The bottom line is Gatsby would feel right at home during a night out at a classy restaurant or a formal ball. It is maybe not the most versatile of fragrances, but when you do have the occasion to wear it; it is quite memorable, earning an excellent 4 stars out of 5. Bottles of Gatsby on the aftermarket are quite scarce in relative terms, so expect to pay a minimum of $80 for a 50ml bottle if you can find it at all.

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