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Sarah Baker Perfumes (2020)

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There are 1 reviews of G Clef by Sarah Baker Perfumes.

The name is apparently jazz-inspired, although l'm not sure l get the connection here. What l do get is something very similar to another fragrance of hers, Greek Keys. However, where that one has a megadose of calone with enormous projection, this one is more subtle. The calone is still very much a player here, but it's more tempered with citrus & lavender in the opening, & grassy, hay-like notes in the heart & base. l smell less of the ocean, & more of the grass-covered dunes along the shoreline. Heat seems to amplify the sweetness of the coumarin note, but l don't get the listed amber. lt's still going softly seven hours in, & even post-shower l can still smell it faintly.

This is easily unisex, & l'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys a modern fougere & the scent of the ocean.
Aug 22, 2021

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