Fusion Sacrée Clair / Fusion Sacrée Elle 
Majda Bekkali (2012)

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Fusion Sacrée Clair / Fusion Sacrée Elle by Majda Bekkali

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Fusion Sacrée Clair / Fusion Sacrée Elle is a women's perfume launched in 2012 by Majda Bekkali

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Reviews of Fusion Sacrée Clair / Fusion Sacrée Elle by Majda Bekkali

There are 3 reviews of Fusion Sacrée Clair / Fusion Sacrée Elle by Majda Bekkali.

This fragrance is a success in many ways, it certainly is a night in a tropical garden when the white florals are in bloom. B.Duchaufour created a masterpiece, a scent that captures you, transports you, and at the same gives love and warmth. All the notes come together perfectly, evolving deliciously revealing. It is a fascinating perfume, very much in the classical tradition, but not totally classical. It is multi-facted for sure, but has a linear feel that makes it a modern composition. To the average nose it's nothing more than a cloying white floral scent.

There's a real tension between sweet and sour from the top to the bottom; fortunately, the whole composition is grounded by a resinous amber base that prevents it from floating off to far into bittersweet abstraction. I think the addition of orange blossom, rhubarb, tuberose and clove notes is what it gives it a complex creamy development connected with the sweetness of benzoin and vanilla in the dry down and creates a sensuous ( not sexy) feel. Fusion Sacrée clair on a woman it lacks the sharp notes to smell like a man's citrus cologne, on a man it finds an ideal balance of sweetness like musk can that can sweeten the scent of a man without feminine him but totally it is a little more feminine than masculine due to the delicacy and luminosity of the result.

Whereas white florals usually have an in-built indolence about them, Fusion Sacrée Clair surprises with its vigour. The scale of this thing is pumped up with a take-no-prisoners tuberose in the lead, so oversprayers beware. But this is maximalism with a purpose, the whole swirling swarm of notes dancing around the white floral vortex.
First impressions are of the heady florals enlivened by the somewhat pungent resinous green note of fir, but soon other flirtations make themselves known – dark coffee dosed just right so that it darts in and out of perception, ditto a juicy and fresh orange note, the vegetal cool of a bit of rhubarb, mellow, almost milky vanilla. And it's not just these, this composition is a-twinkle with accents, little pinpricks of sensation that combine in a sumptuous whole.
Despite its dynamism, Fusion Sacrée Clair is a more of heavy brocade rather than a gauzy chiffon, especially with the resinous elements coming in to play much more as the hours go by. And it cannot escape the destiny of most perfumes with a strong tuberose component – in the end all the nose will register is tuberose. In this instance, what left at the end of the day is a soft and creamy variant of the flower gently warmed through by a backing of resins and spice.
Majda Bekkali remains an underappreciated house – whether that's due to limited distribution or the quirky bottles, I don't know. What I do know is that it's a line with an impressive ratio of hits to misses, well worth any perfume lover's attention.

The note pyramid reads like a grocery list. Coffee, currents, rhubarb, figs, vanilla, and cloves. With a list like this, it's strange that it doesn't come across as gourmand. A sweet spice fragrance that could be worn my a man or woman.

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