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Furyo by Jacques Bogart

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Furyo is a men's fragrance launched in 1988 by Jacques Bogart

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Reviews of Furyo by Jacques Bogart

There are 26 reviews of Furyo by Jacques Bogart.

Urinal....urinal cake. A busy toilet that's well taken care of by an affectionate, dutiful janitor. That's all I can think of. A nice version of that scent for sure! But that's what came to mind from start to finish.

This is popular with enthusiasts but if you wear it in public people might mistake you for the custodial staff.

I blind bought this based on reviews here and on that other site that starts with an "F," and I am very happy with my purchase! Furyo is a "funky" fragrance that's right up my alley; for reference, I also like Yatagan, Chypre-Siam, Quorum, and Kouros which Furyo immediately reminded me of. I see "powdery" in its note tree which would normally make me hesitate, but this is more "dusty" and I like it. Performance is really very impressive as is it's price point on Amazon. Recommend.

The other day at the Osmothèque, Jean Jacques made an interesting comment. (He's the perfumer at Caron). He said perfumers tend to work with a limited number of materials, often around 200; which explains why their output may have a particular style.

It isn't just the fact they might be reworking the same idea in another perfume (the variations on Feminité du Bois are an example of this) there is also the limited palette to take into account.
So for example, if you had two paintings of similar subjects, and they were both done in maroon and dark grey, there would clearly be a resemblance.

And this is the case with Furyo and Salvador Dali pour Homme; both composed by Thierry Wasser in his early days.
To put it in a nutshell: Furyo (1988) is the polite version of Dali pour Homme (1987). Furyo goes light on the stinky aromatics in Dali and brings the fruity - powdery - woody side to the fore.

If you ever tried Dali pour Homme and found it too much, Furyo is the answer.
It's also better. The drydown is superb.

I truly believe that my 30ml in its alluring ruby red bottle is all I will need for the REST OF MY LIFE. One spray, that's it, under the shirt, and I smell like utter depravity—I love it. This is a take no prisoners RAUNCH MONSTER.

The smell of joss sticks, nether and hind quarters, amyl nitrate, dark bedrooms, seedy bar bathrooms.

Needless to say, Furyo isn't recommended as an office scent. I suppose it depends though on what type of 'office' to which you report...

And it gets compliments. Go figure.


God only knows what we smelt like in the 80's before the restrictions on what goes in perfume. this is not a classy animalic like say Antaeus.it is a nice hot and sexy working class guy who likes to smell great and be an animalic magnet. classic 80s powerhouse.very virlie and masculine scent.yes i can understand how Furyo could be off putting for those who like today's fruity or sporty fresh fragrances.because this isn't a little boys fragrance,no this fragrance is the civet yowling and growling the mating call of the alpha male, this is a sexy scent,like an animal marking his territory, advertising for females in heat.

The fragrance corps juice starts with an animalic note mixed with herbs (fig leaf and lavender).in the heart he lights a cigarette,and suddenly you smell the smoke that comes out of his full lips, the light sweat from his body.and the smell, combined feels animal,debaucherous, lustful, hedonistic.the scent begins to unfold bringing camphoraceous notes and a sweet powdery base that lasts for ages.but the real star is the animalic accord-civet and musk.the impression is intimate like a bear's cave or lion's den.it has similarities to many 80's classics like Ted Lapidus PH and Hugo Boss Number One with a characteristic "urea" note from the civet but mixed with a soapy freshness,herbs.in fact it is so beautiful in it's primal musky animalic projection that is both a bit funky but lush and sweet.

Recently I acquired a bottle of Furyo that's current from it's extensive ingredients list on the box.

This opens up with a punch (I feel) is more hefty on civet than castoreum. The initial piss tone of the civet just sticks out more until dry down. I get a large note of jasmine that's linked to subtle amounts of sweet cinnamon, sandalwood, laurel, nag champa incense, and lavender. It's a dark red/exotically sweet and incense-ish (but not too sweet), and kind of leafy smell with a mildly soapy tone. The lavender note gets bigger and picks up the animalic notes and jasmine. I'll be blunt the whole floral and animalic note fusion shapes out a slight urinal cake smell. I'm usually not fond of the urinal cake association but Furyo is the exception. It's the slightly "new age" blend of notes that surrounds that urinal cake note. It's dirty sex in the bedroom while playing Enigma's "Principles of Lust" on the stereo.

Furyo's design I can detect some character similar to Kouros (1981). But Ron Winnegrad did use jasmine and animalics in an older fragrance of his called Leonard Pour Homme (1980). Furyo was a better fragrance than Kouros in my opinion and definitely was abstract. Furyo goes on heavy yet smoothens out balances out it's animalic/aromatic sides quite well. This was one that liked to stay close to it's wearer though so don't expect Kouros level projection.

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