Full Incense 
Montale (2010)

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Full Incense by Montale

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Full Incense is a men's fragrance launched in 2010 by Montale

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Reviews of Full Incense by Montale

There are 34 reviews of Full Incense by Montale.

One of the most realistic incense scents I have ever smelled. The expected Montale excellent longevity.

Bring on the pontifical power, here is Full Incense, which is as much the spiky pepper and preserved lemon bite of elemi as is a cloud of frankincense and voluminous cedar. We see encounter the same Aldehyde C-12 MNA that is prominently featured in Avignon among other incense frags, lifting the atmosphere, with a somewhat coniferous radiance; likewise, Iso E Super, as it is most tastefully used, expands the effect even further.

Smoky, but not ashy or phenolic, Full Incense is moderately austere compared to its brethren, with some warmth imparted by the labdanum in its base; to my nose, it might be the gorgeous Biolandes Hydrocarboresine, a natural derivative of cistus-labdanum. If so, its an impressive release from the usually not so nuanced, stuffed-to-the-gills, concrete walls of scent that Montale usually offers. Congratulations to whatever anonymous house perfumer was used to compose this lovely incense fragrance (wink).

A stunning depiction of the inside of a grand catholic church.Full incense sweeps all your good and pure intentions to the surface.it contemplative piece that you wear for your own pleasure,not to impress others.the scent of incense is like balm to your soul.the most prominent note is elemi,incense, labdanum,rich and resinous-set against a woody notes of cedar.

Mystical,glorious,rapturous and everything you could possibly want from an incense perfume.opens with a strong whiff of cedar but instantly settles into a slightly smoky incense-y memory of church.for me the dry down is an incredibly warm and resinous by elemi and amber.it does remain very beautiful through,but the effect is so much more discrete than i expected.projection and longevity are good.

I bought this in the hope of finding a more affordable alternative to the wonderful CDG Avignon and I was not disappointed. This is so close to Avignon, arguably slightly less dry and woody and a little more sweet, but incredibly close. It performs really well, stays on my skin for about 5/6 hours and on clothing for days and smells wonderful, holy, soothing and resinous, eventually drys down to a linear lemony cola bottle smell. If you love Avignon I can't recommend this enough, and is currently available 100ml for the price if 50ml of the former.

First rating on BN. On my quest to find the “perfect “ incense fragrance, Full incense by Montale comes up short by a good margin. Essentially a Cardinal and even slightly Eau Sacree by Heeley, with similarities to Olibanum by Profumum Roma, it does not distance itself at all for such a title. Projection is quite good as is longevity. No better than sample worthy, though it is that. Very linear and little development to the noted accords. Meh. 3/5

Was expecting this to be full on smoky church, Epic Man style that probably wouldn't be wearable. Not so. To me it's like a soapy incense rather than a smoky incense. This is a "wrist sniffer" were you keep going back to smell again. Up there with Patchouli leaves for my favorite Montale, if slightly less wearable.

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