Reviews of Fuel For Life pour Homme by Diesel

For the first 10-15 minutes, it was a pleasant, interesting take on fougere. Unfortunately, during the drydown a strange, off-putting almond-like element developed--the heliotropin, perhaps?--that was cloyingly sweet, almost nauseating.
21st September 2008
3rd September 2008

Instant nausea! It's milky sweetness, coupled with the anise and synthetic raspberry note creates an accord that makes my stomach turn. It's SO DAMN CLOYING! I wore a single test spray of this to a movie theater and I was miserable the whole time.

Not no, but HELL NO!

As a side note, did Annick Menardo really create this!?! She must have been having an off day or something...
2nd September 2008
A fruity fougere this scent is literally mouthwatering. Yes, I get an utter "juicy fruit" effect from this, which lasts and lasts - usually I would hate that, but the citrus-anise-raspberry combination manages to avoid the juvenile stickiness of many similar designer concoctions. The base well done, but not overly exciting, the usual synthetic fare. I would never wear this with a suit or if I was aiming at coming across as "serious", to me it's a leisure fragrance for fun wearing, but I dare say it's a masterpiece in that category. EDIT: alas, I'm much too old for it, and having never once given it a full wear, sold it off. Too loud and sweet for me, very much under 30 indeed.
2nd September 2008
I enjoyed the anise greenness at start and the lavender drydown is modest. Not so sure to like it or to be neutral.
15th August 2008
This is definitely a scent to wear for the ladies, not your own enjoyment. Girls are in LOVE with the scent. Take these reviews with a grain of salt - by no means does this scent deserve a thumbs down. Why? It's such a neutral of a scent - that I find it hard to believe anyone actually finds it "bad". It just doesn't make much scents(har har har)!
7th August 2008
Ordered this online because it sounded really good and I had heard all the great reviews from it. Honestly I dont think its that great. It fine for everyday wear and It smells good but the raspberry or the grapefruit doesnt go well with my skin chemistry so when I wear it it smells like Hawaiian Punch. I would recommend it BUT try it and make sure it smells good on you first.
4th August 2008
Most fragrences have gotten me a compliment or two, but this seems to crack 'em outta the park. And you know what, I enjoy the smell myself, so it's a win-win situation, hurray for me. With that out of the way, I would NEVER recommend this as a blind buy. Even though I love it, Fuel for Life smells like fuel for a five year old. We're talking sweet tarts, orange creamsicles, and rasberry sherbert. I don't believe the "note pyramid" for a second, but maybe it's just my skin that absorbs the more mature smells and leaves Willy Wonkas house behind for all to enjoy. Oh well, I love it, so thumbs up.
24th July 2008
Fuel for Life is a perfect fragrance for everyday...the lasting power is amazing...and you will get a lot of compliments.
23rd July 2008
Now this is good stuff! While at Macy's last year I asked the clerk to give me something with a sweet scent as I prefer those over those woodsy, tobacco scents. & she bought me Diesel Fuel for Life! Yes it suits a guy in his early 20's or even a teenager.. But who cares? It smells great & the bottle is nice thanx to the pouch that covers up the boring bottle! lol! All this and because it last a nice long length on my skin ill give it 4 out of 5!
1st July 2008
Wow...yummy!!! This is the kind of fragrance you love or hate. For me it's a mixture of Dune pour homme by Christian Dior and Very Irressistible Fresh Attitude by Givenchy; or even Montblanc's Individuelle femme, I guess . No doubt raspberry is the unmistakable note; however it's not a fruity fragrance. Sillage and longevity are great. Thumbs up for this ultramodern manly cologne.
25th June 2008
Anise is hit or miss with me unfortunately it misses here. I like Lolita Lempicka pour Homme but this... is revolting. Smooths out later but it does not settle very well. Feels like real fuel, like turpentine almost. Different, but not the kind I prefer.
5th June 2008
reminds me of a musky male version of Colors de Benetton.
11th May 2008
Fuel For Life is a little better than average but I think its a love or hate fragrance no in between, I will give it a thumbs up because the longevity is good and gets me a lot of compliments.
10th May 2008
fantastic scent.fuel for life is perfect, different than anything out is a bit sweet but i love sweet colognes.a lovely combination of sweet citrus and fuit with some sweet musk
26th April 2008
Very brief top note of citrus gives way to raspberry, which dominates. Lavender fights for it's life to save it, but perhaps sweetens it further thus cheapening it into a noxious fruity candy. The slow to evolve woodsy base is a little too little and a little too late. Perhaps a junior high scent?
25th April 2008
i bought this one today, it's very summer, very me.i like it 5 stars from me
2nd April 2008
While testing this, I found out that I really do not like anise as a note. This scent smells like a candy store. As a child I loved candy stores, but as an adult I do not want to smell like that. This is cloyingly sweet and lacks development and personality. Longevity is good though, but in this case that was not a good thing for me. Avoid this scent!
28th December 2007
I will agree that this one is quite sweet If you're not very into sweet-smelling fragrances, stay away. At times, it reminds me of Fruity Pebbles cereal.Nevertheless, it still manages to be a masculine scent--just barely. It's very fresh, but unlike any other fresh fragrance I've tried.It's well on its way to being my signature scent.
26th December 2007
I really like this one. Theres a bit of fuityness at the beginning then as it dries down it reminds me of YSL Rive Gauche for men. A nice scent that lasts about 6 hours on my skin but I can smell on my shirt still the next day.
9th December 2007
Tried this in a department store yesterday. Wasn't sure what to think about it at first -- there was a familiarity to it I just couldn't put my finger on. When I got home, my partner asked if I'd spilled gasoline on myself while filling up the car. Perhaps a good choice for NASCAR fans, but I'll pass...
21st November 2007
love at first sniff for me. this baby is actually quite original - anyone who says it smells like "any other fresh scent" is not paying close enough attention. the use of raspberry gives it a fruity touch that is quite unique (in the same way that pear in Dior's "Higher" was quite original), and the anise offers a very different cooling effect to the usual mint that one finds more commonly. the combination is clean, yet rich and quirky.the light touch with the fruit notes makes this much more subtle than past Diesel male fragrances, which have either been cloyingly sweet (e.g. Green) or over-the-top gourmandy (zero plus, zero plus plus.)so - i like it. give it a shot if you're willing to judge it on its own merits. if you're going to leap to judgements anyway because it's Diesel and therefore must be only for shallow skinny twenty-somethings, or if you thought that Dior's "higher" was a fresh scent like any other and didn't appreciate the pear - pass this one by.Update 07/09: Hmm, my fondness for this frag has petered out after the first few months. It's still quite inventive, but I find it a bit overwhelmingly synthetic and harsh. And the sweetness -- while not excessive -- has the same dry high-pitched aggressiveness as other "young" sweet scents like Black XS or Zero Plus Plus. On balance, I'd say this is more of a cold-weather scent -- and you'd better like it, because it's so powerful that it'll be radiating its sweet fruity waves at you for hours.
20th November 2007
Garbage. Top notes smell of sour candy, then it gets worse from there. STAY AWAY!
6th November 2007