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Notes:Top: Anise, GrapefruitMiddle: Lavender, RaspberryBase: Heliotrope, Wood notesFuel for life homme (FLH), an aromatic-fougere by Firmenich wizards Annick Menardo and Jacques Cavallier, may boast a somewhat attractive whisky-flask bottle with a rough military skin but contains a surprisingly juicy and cheery juice which would make metrosexuals everywhere giddy with delight. This disconnect hints at something ...that FLH is only the latest vehicle to transport the latest Firmenich aromachemical to the masses, the aromachemical in this case being Frambinone(R) which has a fruity-raspberry-musky aroma profile (hence the 'raspberry' in the pyramid). FLH opens with a pleasant and clear grapefruit and anise combo, the tangy sweetness of anise eradicating any possible acidic tones of the grapefruit. From there FLH reveals more depth in the form of a lavender note which immediately ushers your nose to Frambinone, errr, the musky raspberry note. Frambinone is not your garden variety uber sweet raspberry..rather it has an interesting balsamic base (so to speak) which results in a fruity-spiced woods effect. Nice, but not nice enough to be the showcase note with a 3rd rate supporting cast. And then the show ends with 'generic woods' as in many other fragrances flooding the market (is it Saffraliene(R)?), with little to no heliotrope sweetness to prevent FLH from descending into the mundane tier. But its too late: the attractive bottle has lured you in and the dichotomy of the army-cool and raspberry-happy juice stumped you long enough for you to fork over your hard earned cash to the cashier. And off go the Firmenich scientists to invent another aromachemical. The cycle repeats again...Rating: 6.00/10.00
20th September 2009
Longevity on this one is great, and sillage is just right (with one spray!). I agree with Luca Turin's rating, but not his idea that this is a fougere. I think that is stretching the definition too far. This is not the usual creamy/sweet lavender that you expect in a fougere. Instead, it is a dry, herbal lavender that seems to merge with the raspberry, reminding me of raspberry leaves perhaps, more than the tart, sweet fruit. If this is mostly a "showcase" for the Frambinone(R) molecule, I am sold. It seems to be featured clearly in Lacoste's Elegance as well, though not as much as here. I think some of the negative ratings come from those who didn't wait for the base to reveal itself. I'm surprised at how natural and dynamic the simple base is, but again, that must be due to how good this new molecule is. I just hope it doesn't get used it a huge number of men's fragrances over the next several years !
20th September 2009

the best of the fresh scents the anise and citrus are PERFECT and really bring out the opening and it dries into a very sexy sensual woodsy base with rich spices and a great raspberry sillage that totally makes this stuff a great buy
18th September 2009
Too many people complaining about this frag. I get the most compliments from this than any of my niche fragrances which cost 5 times as much. Its masculine but has somewhat of a seductive smell to it as well. Someone said its smells of "Italian" I guess I see what they mean but this is a perfect frag for 20s age group and doesn't cost a whole lot either. Staying power is decent for an EdT
9th September 2009
Most definitely one of the top Gino clubber scents of choice! Extremely sweet paired with surprisingly powerful sillage and longevity. No doubt a hit with the young people.
4th September 2009
It opens with a somewhat fresh citrus and anise (mercifully light on the synthetic anise) accord. The opening presents something interesting at first… it's a little different and quite pleasant… until it begins to get a rather strong synthetic feel to it. Then I think that it becomes another one of the dozens of tedious synthetic openings. As usual, the lavender in the citrus / sweet spicy accord interferes with my appreciation of it – It's ok, but I just don't care very much for the combination and would like it better sans lavender. The mid accord is mainly a sweet floral extension of the opening... Again, I feel neutral about it. The ambry base improves the movement of the fragrance somewhat, but doesn't offer much longevity on my skin. The base is the element of the fragrance that I prefer the most… it has a little more substance to it via the wood, even though it is similar to the accords that preceded it. Diesel Fuel for Life comes across to me as pretty much a repeat of several other sweet, fruity fragrances out there. It is not unique, but it has some good points to it and should be tested out by a person who likes fruity-sweet fragrances.
28th August 2009
I picked this one up while shopping with some birthday money as I had run out of my Calvin Klein Euphoria (awesome fragrance btw). This one smelled great right off the bottle and on the card so I sprayed my wrist and went about my business. This cologne has been my current favorite ever since. It is sweet, slightly fruity, and IMO very masculine. It blends with my natural skin chemistry very well and seems to last forever. It has good projection and doesn't come off too overbearing. It is a very sensual, sexy, and seductive smell for me. This being said, I could see it being extremely overbearing if overapplied. It took me three days to find my ideal sprays, but once I found my sweet spot... oh was it sweet! This, as stated before, is a pretty linear smell and if you like it at the beginning you'll like it all the way through. I constantly find myself smelling little drafts of it throughout the day and I love it. I find it to be a somewhat "cocky" scent so be sure you can pull this off before putting it on. This cologne has brought me nothing but tons of female attention and compliments among other things ;) This is just me but I won't be changing or getting rid of this one for a while.
25th August 2009
If you like Body Kouros, and Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin, whick are all Annic Menardo's creations this is definetely the one that you will like, too. Diesel Fuel For Life is an exceptionally long lasting fragrance with pretty much sillage. It is more fruity and fresher than the other two.
1st August 2009
Whilst i'm fond of Anise there's something very wrong here. After 20 minutes this becomes so overly sweet and cloying that I just wanted to wash it off. This fragrance lacks development and has something of an imature feel about it. Over 18's need not apply!
28th July 2009
The raspberry, anise and dry woods make a really nice combination here. It is very sweet and I can understand how some would be put off by that and the anise, but as I love anise, it works for me. It's a scent that would be better suited to those under 25, but older, mature people could still wear this on a night out as long as they like it. The longevity is really good on this, and sillage is good too, people will smell this on you for a while.
22nd July 2009
This is one of those dangerous colognes that smell great on a card for a few minutes but when you wear it, it's another story. It has a "sickening sweetness" that is a bit off putting and has you wondering if you are offending anyone nearby. I normally love lavender but it is too potent here along with the anise. The rasberry just puts it way over the top. After trying it for one day back it went (exchanged for the much more mature Pour Monsieur). This is truly for someone in their early twenties who goes clubbing very weekend.I give it 3 stars because the longevity is excellent (way over 8 to 10 hours). It would be tolerable if toned down some.
13th June 2009
I didn't like this one from the get go.. way too sweet for my liking
5th June 2009
Smells like warm, powdery skin. And bubble gum. Its good. The bottle is a great addition, and it fits. Its not a very sport scent, but rather a warm, urban, a wear a leather jacket everyday type smell. I keep re-testing it, but maybe because it reminds me of a girls perfume. Its good, just not my type.
5th June 2009
I absolutely love this perfume. I am a female. I would wear this perfume myself, but it turns me on too much because it reminds me of the first time my boyfriend kissed me! Its a very strange, sweet smell which I like. I noticed that there were many negative comments - especially ones saying that although they personally didn't like it, everyone else complimented the scent worn. I have the female version of this, the "fuel for life unlimited". It is very strange and different as well. This is definitely my favorite diesel perfume and I would call it unisex. However, If my boyfriend didn't wear this perfume, I probably wouldn't be as attracted to it. I may be blinded and my opinions may be biased because this scent triggers a pleasant memory. If it were just a scent I had smelled while browsing at a perfume store - I probably wouldn't pay much attention to it because I like SAFE perfumes, but I must also say that as I'm growing older, my tastes are changing - and what I found "intolerable" before, I now find quite interesting... so I guess this perfume falls within my interesting list.
21st May 2009
This fragrance is nice, but for some reason I really wasn't feeling the opening. It was very sweet, and considering the bottle comes wrapped in leather, I would have assumed that it would be a little more masculine...or at least have a leather note in it. Very weak dry down with a weak base. Not bad but ain't great.
21st May 2009
Great fragrance, in the same vein as Clinique Happy and ADG, lasting power is great.
30th April 2009
Strats out a little loud and cloying, but after about half an hour it is pleasant. It borders on being too feminine smelling for me as well.
15th April 2009
I cant tell you how much this fragrance threw me for a loop. With the advertisements, the bottle design, and the way it's been marketed, I was expecting it to be a leathery, dry scent. I spray it on and....Jolly Ranchers? Color me surprised. I smell definite hints of raspberry and watermelon. Once I got over the shock, I actually like it very much. It's definitely for a much younger man (I dont think a man past 30 could pull this off), but it's very fun and playful. I would recommend it most during summery, warm days. One minor thing is that I absolutely hate the bottle. It's ugly and doesn't fit the scent at all. The canteen-style bottle looks dirty and gross, and it feels nasty in your hands. All in all, it's a very cute, sexy scent for a young guy!
13th April 2009
I bought this on an aeroplane flying over Europe, and was initially shocked by the sweet fruits and strong anise on initial display (as was the poor girl sat next to me, no doubt…). Drydown is subtler, but still with an overture of alluring, sexy sweetness. This definitely has something for me that keeps it just on the classy side of sicklysweet. It's not an everyday scent; I tend to wear it in the evening, when I want to make a statement. It makes me think of a hot, sticky, European night, when sleep is the last thing on your mind…
4th April 2009
I must say, it is a pleasant surprise to find something in a mall that is even vaguely wearable. A bouncy,eager to please, fructose fusion that would ideally be suited for casual use. In an ocean of cream puff fragrances, this is one to enjoy and not take too seriously. The bottle is another matter, if I was rating that, it would not be so much a thumbs down as a Heimlich Manoeuvre . Staggeringly awful. However, for the contents, a thumbs up and a cheery wink.
28th February 2009
This one's taken a lot of flak, and I've no doubt that much of the flak in question comes as much from derision for the aggressive marketing campaign and youthful demographic as anything.Really it's just an updated cousin to Clinique's Happy, with anise notes (a tad off-putting at first, granted) thrown in for good measure.All in all, a very likable citrus frag with decent longevity and modest sillage.Thumbs up, yes, but I don't think I'll be clamoring for a bottle any time soon. It's just good stuff for what it is.
16th January 2009
I got a sample of this at the Deisel store when it first came out. It's very Italian - extremely sweet and strong, not really my thing. Honestly, to me, it smells like Twizzlers or Red Vines, but stronger and sweeter. There's pretty much no subtlety to it. It makes the most sense as a nightclub fragrance, because it's strong enough that people will be able to smell it over all the other smells.
1st January 2009
Awesome fragrance! Very spicy and attractive. Many compliments from the ladies. Sweet, but masculine at the same time. It smells like something you can eat! Great for the night clubs. Thumbs up!
25th November 2008
If it seems to you that this review contains too many sentences which start with “I can't believe”, it would be just a matter of your imagination.I can't believe that two top perfumers, Mr. Cavallier and Mrs. Menardo, could create such an unbelievably frivolous scent.I can't believe I got so many compliments on this senselessly fruity scent during the only day I was wearing it. I can't believe how funny taste the people around me have.I can't believe I bought this “when you see my attractive commercial you won't mind how unattractive I smell” type of scent. I can't believe that I could respect myself after I did it… ever again.
27th October 2008