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Diesel (2007)

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Fuel For Life pour Homme by Diesel

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Reviews of Fuel For Life pour Homme by Diesel

There are 98 reviews of Fuel For Life pour Homme by Diesel.

It doesn’t suprise me there are four perfumers credited for this, but if I had to choose, I would say Wasser was behind it. The anonymous fake woods and dollop of raspberry smell like one of his.

Fuel for Life homme - Diesel
A 'refrigerated' newstyle frozen-
green fougere with a dry-herbal, cool minty-anisic attitude and bitter-salty reflections. Gets a sweety creamy-almond tonality after a while that dissolves into a scrubbed clean patchouli with light and transparant wood notes. The dryout smells too nasty chemical to my nose and feels a bit too static and non-moving, maybe because of an iso-e-super overdoze that smothers the 'natural' freshness of the start. All in all smells to me like getting hit in the face by a giant snowball.

This is a somewhat sweet, heavy, dark-ish fragrance that kind of loses its strong points over time. I would say it's in the "oriental" category. I'm not very good at deciphering notes, so this is how it strikes me. Right now, since I just tested it a couple of hours ago, I just want to give myself a reminder here of what it's like. It's OK. It's not bad, but not earth-shattering for me. Since I like a lot of different fragrances, I would have to say my rating would be relative to that fact, in which case, I would say "neutral."

This is probably, hands down, the worst fragrance I have ever purchased in my life. It is so powdery/sickly sweet that it would make me nauseous and would always give me a humongous headache. For some reason, though, women liked it, but it is just too overpowering from minimal sprays. From what I remember, the drydown left me smelling like a candy-scented bottle of baby powder. Absolutely horrid.

I suprised some poeple put negative comments abou it such a delicious fruity cool scent.I have many discontinued gem (like m7 2003 batch.m7 pour homme.Antidote.and other else.)in my collection but I love this and the other flanker Spirit nomber one amongst them.As I smell it my mood got fantastic so that something overwhelm me to collect more frags.10/10

This is a fruity, fresh scent nothing like the bottle would portray. It is synthetic but more clean fresh berry than sickly sweet syrup. It stays fairly linear on me and just goes away rather than dry down. It reminds me of a lighter, better Joop. I think it works in all weather and situations save for a suit and tie. It might come off as too juvenile in business attire. I would buy another bottle and think this one is fairly unique for a fresh youthful scent.

I didn't love it, and I don't think I hated it. There was always something off-putting about the sweet first blast (was that the raspberry and grapefruit?) but it seemed to settle into something else. Great marketing though, with the cloth condom, bold font and exploiting Diesel's brand and image; I was still waiting for that essence of sexy mechanic covered in grease and gasoline to come through... but it never did.

Turin gave it four stars and called it a "modern fougere."

I call it putrid - sharp, bitter oud, as repulsive and off-putting a fragrance as I have ever encountered.

Douse yourself with real diesel gasoline - you'll smell a lot better.

Not good at all, but better than using this vile stuff.

This DIESEL EDT non a common example. when i tested this i dident actually like it because it was like a sharp smell and was not pleasant to my nose too.I think it is one of those scents that people either hate or love it.

the first smell is strange and strong.I found it refreshing and different from a lot of other modern scent.the effect of it is like a bomb!well balanced and young.

Perfect for when you are in a perky mood.ideal for a modern young man and a Smoker man too.suitable for most seasons but nothing similar to what i expect because I like my fragrance to be little more kindly and Supple.

If you are a fan strong scents and are looking for something unique this might be your new fragrance but if you are headache susceptible and have problem with strong and rude scent neccessarily be careful with this one.

Fuel for Life is a sweet, fruity fougère that's not too far removed from the Green Irish Tweed/Cool Water clan, made distinct by an unusually smooth and creamy texture. (The heliotrope?) Like many of this ilk, it has a chemical overtone, but it's less distracting here than in some other examples of the breed. Despite its tough guy packaging, Fuel for Life is a very affable fragrance with moderate projection and reasonable lasting power. Its development is more-or-less linear, so if you enjoy it when it goes on, you'll probably still enjoy it three hours later. All told I think Fuel for Life is a versatile, pleasant, if somewhat utilitarian, fragrance. If you like this sort of thing you could do much worse.

A good fruity fragrance.
In the opening you will get strong, sweet and almost synthetic raspberry note with hint of anise note which is pleasant and unique.
The raspberry note dominate in the opening and make all the notes blind.
In the dry down raspberry note start to decay slowly and give space for other notes to show their faces!
The dry down is again sweet raspberry with a little more floral note from anise and some woodsy notes but they are in the background.
Very good projection and longevity with this fragrance.
If you like fruity fragrances this is a good one and definitely yo

Fuel for Life is also a Spice of Life... Very nice..!!! For those reading my reviews, you know my #1 favorite cologne is Diesel, Only the Brave.. I am also a fan of that Diesel's "big brother", Fuel for Life... Fuel comes out of the bottle with floral, fruit, and woodsy notes with a powdery finish. It is quite pleasant and I received numerous favorable comments, i.e. the "Wow Factor".. Sweetie does give the fragrance glowing remarks, especially the longevity. I, too, am fond of the projection, sillage, and longevity of the fragrance. Fuel projects well after the initial application and then settles to a level that projects evenly and smoothly without being overwhelming to those with sensitive noses. Given the spicy notes (perhaps a touch of musk), some may suggest that Fuel should be a fall and winter fragrance, I would offer the notes are so evenly balanced that this fragrance could be worn during any season and for any event. The bottling and packaging are exquisite and unique - I am especially fond of the "pouch" surrounding the bottle - very cool touch.. The price/value is moderate - current online rates show about $50 for the bottle - while below the suggested retail price, there are plenty of great fragrances that can be purchased for less. My final tally for Fuel for Life is 4.5 stars. Great projection, longevity, and potential "Wow Factor"... If you want something a little different, but very pleasant that lasts all day, I strongly endorse Diesel's, Fuel for Life. The world is full of beautiful places - don't miss a thing...Pros: Pleasant and Unique scent - blend of floral, fruit, and woodsy notes...Cons: None... I prefer more aqua and citrus fragrances...

By just looking at the notes and reading the reviews I would have bet the bank that this would be something I would never like or wear. I don't enjoy super sweet fragrances in the least. After wearing FFL I was hesitant upon the initial spray on whether to wash it off or not. I let it settle and although it's sweet there's a nice masculine freshness about this with the lavender balancing out the sweetness. Projection, sillage, and longevity are fantastic. It's not something I would wear all the time which is why I can't give it a thumbs up. For a fragrance this sweet is does a decent job with the other elements of the fragrance. Not bad, but not something you should buy without testing first.

A strange kind of synthetic and finally soapy minty woodiness with the raspberry fruity pungency. The initial accord of lavender, anise and grapefruit is aromatic, a bit sour and intoxicating but in a while is a sort of chemical and almost detergent woodiness that takes the stage with its candied berry type of vibe. The aromatic (almost minty/balsamic) soapy feel last throughout till the dry down where the woodiness recedes a bit while a mellow bilberry/heliotrope accord starts to characterize the wake. A bit a brash and "for relentless young crowd" kind of smell. Mah..., not a disaster but not for me.

Very charming with the grapefruit and raspberry notes that dominate and project very well. the drydown is pretty much the same which is a good thing. very sweet and uncomparable.

hmm somedays i really like this other i don't
Its very very sweet to start with to the point where its sweet overkill with the Grapefuit blast and it stays like that for a good while abour 2 hours i think.
It does eventually calm down a little but still sweet. Lasts for about 8 hrs and projects decently as well - but try it before buying cause the sweetness will be a deal breaker for some

This is a scent i'd like a lot more if it was toned down a few notches. The raspberry and anise notes dominate above all else and as a result it's very syrupy, sickly and cloying. The woody notes do come more into play as it dries down, but they seem like only an afterthought and the fruity sweetness continues to overpower throughout. On the plus side projection and longevity are fantastic. So go easy on the trigger finger otherwise people will smell you coming for miles around!

It's a great scent, but too popular and too STRONG. It's terribly cloying when oversprayed, and due to its popularity you smell it everywhere.

If you do use it, go SUPER LIGHT on sprays. Seriously, more than 3 should be a deadly sin. Preferably less.

It's very unique though, and like I said it IS a good scent. The raspberry not is very cool and different.

This is a youthful, fruity scent, with amazing projection and longevity. The first blast of notes remind me a glass of Hawaiian Punch. It dries down a little more subtle, but it will last throughout the day. Definitely a casual scent, something I wear when I'm in a good mood, and the sun is shining. It's not for everyone, but if you like a sweet smell, that others will notice, this one is a great choice.

A big pop-art raspberry – is this aimed at children? Ah wait, here comes the anise, mass-market signifier of masculinity these days it would seem. (Well, there is that candy called anise balls...) Its sine tone never lets up through this shiny and synthetic experience, boring a hole through the head. For masochists (or sadists if they inflict this on others) and the young and gullible.

WAY too sweet for my nose. I get a super sweet synthetic raspberry smell. I wouldnt suggest blind buying this one. Could become cloying in the summer. But the superior sweetness of this fragrance just kills it for me.

Liked it just fine at first... I found the grapefruit opening cheery and a nice mood-lifter! Once the raspberry kicked in, I really started smiling... reminded me of Pixy Stix or warm Jell-O on the stovetop, mmmm! It somewhat reminded me of my old Nicole Miller for Men.
The downside is that it really only took about 4 hours for it to die down on my skin to just the faintest hint of heliotrope and a warm, woody basenote... at that point, very intimate and gentle. Sillage was decent at first, but that too died down after the first couple of hours. I didn't experience it as the in-your-face fruity blast that others have described here at all. On my skin, it was a lot more understated, but I think that's a good thing... all in all, a fun and upbeat scent that I will definitely wear again when I'm not looking for a serious statement scent of the day. I can see this as a year-round fragrance... the citrus notes would lend themselves well to spring and summer,while the warm fruity and woodsy moments are adding some cozy to this cold winter day.

A fresh/spicy woody fragrance for the modern man! The grapefruit blooms first but this is quickly eclipsed by a very forceful anise note (like in le must de Cartier pour homme) tempered by the subsequent tartness of raspberries. Violet leaf then kicks in -- green/fresh/vegetal/ slightly spicy. Until finally this whole scent structure alights on a bed of doughy and sweet heliotrope and dry woods (cedar?).

Can this be unisex? Perhaps. Imho, it's more masculine. As a tongue-in-cheek appeal, the canvas covered whisky-flask looking bottle is very apropos!


I love this smell. A great grapefruit top note. This is definitely a younger man's fragrance. A very nice fragrance to wear if you are in college. Does not last that long on me (4 hours tops of good projection).

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