Reviews of Fuel For Life pour Femme by Diesel

Slightly sour mandarin. Perky pink pepper. Big, dirty jasmine. An almost boozy black current. The jasmine brightens. It loses its dirtiness. black current gets louder. It's very pretty. I smell musk later. Patchouli is weak. This has a bit of masculinity in the background. This is a "safe" fragrance.
7th February 2019
I've owned it for a long long time and I find it comforting after the first floral and citrus notes (which are also pleasant) disappear to leave room to patchouli and amber. Longevity is huge, and sillage is very good.
Nothing exceptional, but good nonetheless.
20th December 2016

There is good news and there is bad news.

The good news is that the "Femme" version is better than the "Homme" version.

The bad news is that it is just as vile .

I don't know what depresses me more, that this line and these two scents appear in all the middle class shopping stores in the USA (Macy's, JC Penney, Kohl's, etc.) or that people actually buy them and wear them.

What really makes me cry is that Turin gives them both four stars and praises them. I throw up my hands and shake my head in disbelief.

This is a sharp, dry, woody scent like the Homme version, which appears a bit lighter for five minutes or so with a light herbal, woody accord. It then descends quite quickly into the Homme version.

Diesel seemingly, at least to me, has no respect for the human nose. Do avoid both of these at all cost.
7th November 2015
In my opinion the bottle and the scent are both undesirable for a lady.FUEL FOR LIFE FEMME not a special thing or a winner for me and I was really expecting more from, strong,fierce, warm,pervasive,bold and feminine.

It starts a little disappointed with spicy and sharp notes that you will be shaked.I find the base notes quite simple and warm. surely it is not a scent for everybody just like male version.

Strong for office use but good for everyday use in Autumn/Winter weather. ideal for a bold character who likes to feel wonderful. I recommend smelling it before buying it to make sure you like it.anyway i prefer FUEL FOR LIFE UNLIMITED than this one.
29th March 2015
Genre: Chypre

I'm not all that taken with Fuel for Life pour Femme's sweet fruity top notes. They're a bit artificial, and there is a certain sourness about them that has me wrinkling my nose if I sniff deeply. Happily, the top notes calm down very rapidly, and the scent mellows and rounds out into something much more pleasant. Its torso is an abstract sweet, green, fruity blend, with a very smooth wood and iris skeleton that provides a solid structure to sustain its soft, yielding texture. A little less wood, a little less depth, and Fuel for Life pour Femme would flirt with fruit-flavored bubblegum, but the scent's substance and complexity more than suffice to make it wearable.

My overall impression is of a brightened, lightened gloss on the now classic Calyx. Fuel for Life pour Femme echoes the older scent's neon fruit voice, but tuned up from mezzo to soprano register. In general style I'd class it with the “modern” chypres exemplified by scents like Azzaro Couture and 31 Rue Cambon. Which is to say that while I don't detect an actual moss note in the composition, the powdery iris, the fruity notes, and a touch of labdanum allude to the classic chypre structure, but without casting the same depth of forest green shadow.

Fuel for Life pour Femme grows more floral and continues to soften with age, eventually revealing a warm, indolic white flower accord that projects a welcome sense of animal mystery. Without it the scent might become too prissy and powdery, but its presence keeps my nose engaged through the second and third hour of wear. By the four hour mark Fuel for Life pour Femme fades into a soft ambery drydown before disappearing altogether.

The greatest critical points I can lodge against this scent are its borderline unpleasant (albeit short-lived,) top notes and a certain blandness in its overall demeanor. On the plus side, it is a cheerful, comfortable fragrance that I can imagine being worn with ease on any number of occasions. It also strikes a fine balance in intensity, projecting just enough to make itself known, but never obtruding. So while not in the end groundbreaking, I'd have to rate Diesel Fuel for Life pour Femme a successful composition, and especially promising as an informal, yet never childish, everyday fragrance.
12th June 2014
A really pleasant and fresh floral fragrance at the opening, but something different and also generic in the dry down!
First time when you spray it on your skin, it's very fresh with citrusy notes and very natural and beautiful jasmine note and hint of sweetness in the background.
It's not something unique at all, but it's very beautiful that remind you of being in the nature with tons of jasmin and some orange trees around you .
In the dry down things start to change in a generic and almost bad way!
The fresh jasmine note become very light and it's in the background and fresh citrusy smell change to a very sweet fruity smell and some spices in the background. It's good but also very generic that definitely you've sniffed it in so many other fragrances. you have this scent to the end.
I have a patchouli bomb named as "Givenchy Gentleman" and I know how patchouli smell like. I didn't sniff patchouli in this fragrance! Very strange!
Projection is great and longevity is above average.
I think it's good for spring and fall.
Personally I prefer the opening over the dry down and base of this fragrance.
2nd June 2014
Although this fragrance isn't the most likable scent around, it sure is popular. Before becoming interested in fragrances, I had always noticed this fragrance on the shelves and noted how many people bought it on a daily basis.

I was surprised by the opening notes which really turned me off this fragrance. I was assaulted by strong and peppery citrus which to my nose was rather synthetic. For about the first three hours all I got was a loud concoction of peppery fruits and predictable and plain jasmine. I was indeed underwhelmed by Fuel for Life.

However, the drydown was quite pretty. The scent became warm and powdery, also a little sweet. The base notes agreed with my chemistry and also smelt agreeable on paper. Looking at many of the other reviews, I'm not alone in my appraisal of the drydown.

Unfortunately, even though the base notes are nice, after a while the scent began to smell like air freshner mixed with the musty and dirty scent of a bathroom.

I'm disappointed in Diesel for creating such a scent. I find their cheaper and lesser known scents more pleasing to say the least. Strangely enough I can see how this would be pleasant for some, however I just can't seem to like it myself.

15th June 2011
On paper this smelled fresh, inoffensive, clean and polite. I detected mainly blackcurrant and something clean, dry and vaguely herbal. A good daytime scent perhaps? It had to be worth a try. I sprayed a little on my wrist and went about my day. Within a few minutes the pleasant fruity/tea opening had warmed and transformed into a sillage monster of embarrassing proportions. The fruity notes became horribly synthetic - not in a sweet, fun, candybar kind of way, but in a cheap car air freshener that provokes motion sickness kind of way. Furthermore, they somehow managed to smell both synthetic AND overripe - eau de trashcan, anyone? No more refreshing herbal note either - that was replaced with a cheap synthetic musk which gusted out of my shirt cuffs every time I moved and made me sneeze and clamp my arms to my sides in horror. I rushed to scrub, scrub scrub this off as soon as I had the chance, but within five minutes of each frantic scrubbing session it came back smelling worse than before. Today, a whole day and two showers since, it is still going. This stuff actually gave me an asthma attack - and I am not very prone to those - and this morning the skin is sore where I sprayed it. So it's a monster allergy trigger to boot.

This smelled worse than lousy on me, and I accept that the problem here may well be my body chemistry. On someone that suits it, the longevity and gigantic sillage would probably be a huge plus. But a fragrance that actually makes me (and potentially others around me) sick? Obviously, that would stop me dead even if it smelt divine.
22nd March 2011
I really enjoy this perfume. Fruity notes with a lovely musky patchouli smell once settled. Put it on yesterday morning and still smelt it in the evening. In fact I think I could detect traces of it after my shower.
12th March 2010
Classically structured but utilising more synthetic elements. It opens a little sharply but quickly gives way to barely indolic florals rounded somewhat by plum-like notes, and layered over white musk(?) and nondescript woods. I hesitate to name 'patchouli' as it doesn't quite have that oft-associated distinctive earthiness about it, at least not on my skin. But I enjoy this fragrance better than I do with the pour Homme, even if it does come across more than a little crude.
9th February 2010
terrible! patchouli monster at it's worst! and it's so strong it will choke you! awful!!! one of the worst fragrances of all times. in the top 10 worst anyway!
4th February 2010
Diesel Fuel for LifeNotes: Cassis, Pink Pepper, Jasmine, Indole, Patchouli, Ambry Notes (from Many people know that I am a complete patch-head. So, give me a patchouli-centered fragrance, especially a decent one, and I'll pay attention. I first tried Fuel for Life when it debuted, went through two spray samples, enjoyed it very much, but did not buy a full bottle. Fast forward to today, and I still really like the astringent, slightly camphoraceous patchouli which is melded with some kind of indolic tropical flower, fermented, half-rotted melon and sour fruit notes. Overall, the fragrance is quite linear, and is definitely not the most artistic scent out there. But, what can I say? Sometimes a fragrance does not have to be a masterpiece in order to be satisfying. Perhaps if Guerlain had bottled this, it would not have been relegated to the bottom shelf.Positive Rating--Diesel Fuel for Life UnlimitedNotes: Lemon, Mandarin, Pear, Guava, Violet, Aloe, Sambac Jasmine, Lily, Anise, Licorice, Sandalwood (from trying Fuel for Life, I half expected Fuel for Life Unlimited to be an ultra-special rendition of its namesake. In reality, I can't say it does much to enhance the aura of the original. However, it is rather pretty and feminine, perhaps a bit more rounded for times when the patchouli and funky fruit combination of Fuel for Life is a bit too weird. Indeed, FFLU pulls back from the edge, and falls smack into a land of plentiful and ordinary fruity floriental fragrances. Having said that, FFLU is definitely not the worst of the bunch, and thankfully has not taken a ride on the grapefruit, soap and air freshener bus as do many "clean and fresh" flankers to oriental bombshells. The sour citrus notes of FFLU are subdued, and the fluffy marshmallow cloud of vanilla woods is allowed to be mostly that--soft and creamy, sweet with a bit of an astringent edge. FFLU is nice but nothing outstanding, and definitely not as daring as the original.Neutral Rating
4th October 2009
This was a surprising one for me--I'm not a fan of fruit usually. The top is a blast of blackcurrant/mandarin, then a bite of grapefruit? shows through for a moment. On me the fruit is complex, not the "fruity-shampoo" thing I get from other scents. I think the pink pepper warms things up, although I detect it as a note only briefly. The drydown is a nice balance of the fruit and white flower, anchored with the patchouli. Not too complex, but very attractive overall.
19th August 2009
This one smells so warm and sensual. At least it does for me. I was not expecting much but I find it comforting. i love to spray it on right before bed. I have not received any compliments on it though so maybe it does not smell as good as I think. I do think it is powdery and reminds me of a subdued Organza indecence.
6th December 2008
very strong willed scent. the pepper and blackcurrant do the trick. not for every woman. sort of like michael, not in smell but for strong willed independant women.
16th August 2008
I love patchouli, musk and jasmine, so the fact that I found this fragrance so deeply unappealing is a surprise. The initial burst of this on my skin was simply rank; it reminded me of car freshener. I'm not sure if it is the blackcurrant note that is contributing to the "off" sensation I get from this. Worst of all, this did not last well on my skin and went pretty much from awful to non-existent in the space of 30 minutes.
20th July 2008
Oh, dear, this is my style! I am trying really hard not buying this one! If it wasn´t for a number of chypres already being in my wardrobe, I would have bought this one already. Fluel for Life is a nouveau-chypre, if I have informed myself correct. It is a pitty it is so strongly market, it doas not feel exclusive at all! I have a 7 mL sample-bottle of it, so I can really make my mind up on this frag.
2nd December 2007
I only got the top notes and then it dries down to a powdery base that hardly registers with me. The scent itself I found rather unimaginiative, shallow and very commercial.It seems very hip and trendy to take a berry note and mix it with other stuff and create some fruity's getting dull.
18th November 2007
Notes of blackcurrant, jasmine and patchouli ~ as the Diesel website has listed. The blackcurrant note appears to me as 'fermented'. I don't particularly care for that pungent the scent progresses it clearly improves. The jasmine is seductive and wears close to the skin. Patchouli in the base keeps the rest of this scent clean & grounded in an veil of earthiness. I'm 50/50 on Fuel For Life pour Femme, I'll need to give it another test...
8th November 2007
This is not bad. It has a powdery soapy smell similar to Hugo Boss (Woman?). It also has some element of fruit - a fragrance i'd like on someone else as I dont like soapy scents.I kept sniffing at the card and its really good, just not my style.
22nd October 2007