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AbdesSalaam's process is necessarily limited by his devotion to natural ingredients. This is not necessarily better than mainstream perfumery. However, art loves limitations. After all, who would think to base a tropical fruit scent on osmanthus if they could just order mango and pineapple aromachems from Symrise and Firmenich?

The results, of course, are quite different. You might think something called “Frutti Paradisi” would consist primarily of fructose-laden tropical notes. This FP, however, is subtler (and less sweet) than that. I’m not getting the “fragrant explosion of tropical fruits” promised on his website, for which I’m grateful, as that phrase calls to mind nothing so much as a tragic blender malfunction at Jamba Juice. Yes, FP opens with a fruity sweetness, but it’s a transient waft. In this paradise, the fruit are in the trees, amberous sap overrunning the berries and blossoms, and we stroll through the garden rather than lounging by the pool picking umbrellas out of our cocktails.

Alas, I find this more interesting than satisfying: admiration is not the same as love. My olfactory heaven can be found in a long list of other AbdesSalaam scents. But even if this isn’t my personal notion of paradise, I’m enjoying my visit, and anyone whose tastes are more in line with these notes might well find it bottle-worthy.
10th December 2021
Frutti Paradisi La Via Del Profumo:

Wow. Unique.

Describing it's persona: Tropical, warm, humid and quiet mysterious.

I imagine this on a beautiful, incredibly sexy, with hot and tanned smooth skin, peruvian girl or woman.

Got this as a free sample on my last order from Dubrana (he has a free sample policy and always adds something to your parcel when you order).

What he doesn't mention about this perfume on his website is the smoke aspect of it. This is tropical fruit'ish: mangoish, bananaish et al – created by blending flowers and vanilla - smoke and something I coulden't really understand – But after reading on his site I think it's the blackcurrant giving some sort of 'petrol' or oil vibe. The 'petrol' part is hard to describe: it's oily, it's a bit futuristic.. Perhaps, apolcatyptic.

Close to skin, decent logevity.

A very unique scent,

You will not regret trying this one,

Spray wisely.

12th November 2016

Frutti Paradisi starts with a juicy, sugary, pulpy apricot note- osmanthus!- tinged with a leather nuance (the opening of this fragrance reminds me of Cuir Ottoman), slightly smoky, astringent and gently rough to the nostrils. The fruity theme enriches in lactonic notes- I guess some white flowers are here to reinforce osmanthus- leaning towards ripe peaches and maybe mango. Some oily notes make an appearance at a certain point, slightly disturbing, and I can't say if it's a facet of some ingredient or it's an off note due to some spoiling of the sample. At any rate, this is the only jarring thing I perceive in the whole fragrance, and it doesn't last (too) long. The drydown is a suave, smooth, sugary resinous vanilla, still drenched in fruit juices and smoke.
On the whole, FP has a lot to say in some fields of perfumery: it's a fruity fragrance light years away from the mainstream themes and definitely unisex, and it's, in my opinion, the best rendition of osmathus in a fragrance.
21st June 2015
Frutti Paradisi strikes me by soon for its weird "roasted" liquorous (vaguely hesperidic) vanillic side absolutely warm, lacteous and surprisingly smokey. This "toasted" creamy platform is the olfactory "basement" over which keep faring several floral and fruity notes highly enriching the mixture. The lacteous platform, beyond its animalic smokiness (which is not an ashtray "steamy smoke" but a sort of pipe tobacco flavour) performs a sort of fruity banana undertone which seems creamy as a sort of exotic milkshake. The floral patterns swirl over this exotic base also them seeming sort of exotic undiscerned floral spicy luxuriant elements from tropical paradises of the far oceanic highlands (frankly I can't discern neither jasmine not osmanthus in particular). The aroma is sensual and warm, almost yummy, sultry and exotic for sure. I suppose seasoned woods provide the pipe tobacco vibe while the blackcurrant enhances creamy fruitiness and velvet. May be hints of tobacco and animalic elements (honey, castoreum) are included in the recipe and I wonder if not listed tropical fruits as mango, pineapple or papaya take part to ceremony. On the right female skin Frutti Paradisi could really play an hellish irresistible erotic game. Another highly recommended genuine bewitchment from the wizard Mr. Dominique Dubrana.
10th August 2014
Fruits seen by a floral spectrum Fruitti paradisi surprised me while wearing it on skin because i looked at the notes and they don't match at all with my impressions! On me it's more floral than fruity, or maybe more on the fruitty espectrum of florals. I thought it had frangipani and ylang-ylang, because the opening has that banana riped aroma of ylang ylang and what comes next has that fruity touch of frangipani flowers. And then, the most intriguing thing is a distant but still clear animalic aspect, something that makes me think of fish maybe, of fish's oil. It gives it a slightly naughty aura for me. After that it becomes a skin scent on me, with an aroma that makes me think of vanilla's pods after you remove the seeds. I know it has very high quality floral, there is something round, smooth on it that synthetic florals cannot fully reproduce. Then only thing that i just wished was the vanilla pods impression more strong at the base. Very good one!Pros: Rich floral-fruity aromaCons: It could be more strong at the base"
4th August 2013
Frutti ParadisiThis one is a little abstract. It is centred on Osmanthus flower with jasmine, vanilla, blackcurrant. Profumo writes that it can smell different every day and I can see what he means because this is an impressionistic perfume (unlike others of his where I can relate the ingredients very directly to the smell/intended effect). Green fresh aspects of citrus with some indolic qualities from the florals combine to create illusions of tropical fruits. I can get the sweet aspect of pineapple, the fresh/deep combination of mango, something of the floral quality of pawpaw. The vanilla provides softness, jasmine and blackcurrant the organic, vegetal, even almost-animalic quality and the osmanthus a general vegetal, fruity floral flavour tying it all together. It is not overly sweet, has a subdued freshness and a very unusual natural accord. There is a light feeling of resinous wood underneath and maybe a drop of cocoa too (or maybe that is part of the osmanthus?).If this perfume starts with a little emulsion, it burns away into clarity. I prefer it when the osmanthus drops away leaving the blackcurrant more vivid. It is lucid and drinkable, quiet and yet present, slightly acidic in a very friendly way, a tiny touch warmly urinous. I could imagine this smelling very sexy on a woman in a warm climate....Frutti Paradisi does not possess a big colourful fruitiness like the synthetic fruity perfumes but rather pastel shades, and because of the abstraction I lose these somewhat as I deconstruct.Projection is low and longevity medium. I find the base quite interesting and beautiful though I need to sniff from very close to get the detail. It is not something I would feel moved to wear myself, but it may just hit the spot for some.
16th June 2009