Frustration fragrance notes

  • Head

    • rum, Cumin, Cinnamon
  • Heart

    • Labdanum, vanilla, cistus
  • Base

    • Chestnut wood, bourbon Vetiver, Vinylguaiacol

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Latest Reviews of Frustration

A chocolate hazelnut parfait with a dash of rum
makes a wonderful dessert but in a perfume....?

I don't want to be too unkind because I'm a fan
of the brand's quirky (sometimes overly so)
adventures in perfumery but at heart Frustration
feels like a bit of a half-hearted capitulation to
lovers of 'gourmand' fragrances, who will in all
probability love it whatever I might think about it
but for me I'd rather eat my cake than wear it....
4th July 2023
This fragrance features a prominent sweet vanilla note that is reminiscent of saffron or burnt sugar. The overall scent is on the sweeter side, with an artificial ambroxan-like quality. It is well-suited for those who appreciate and enjoy sweet fragrances. The combination of the sweet vanilla with the saffron-like or burnt sugar accord creates an interesting and indulgent aroma. However, if you prefer more natural or complex scents, this fragrance may not be the best fit for you. Personal preferences play a significant role in fragrance choices, so it's always recommended to try a sample or test the fragrance before making a purchase.
26th June 2023

This opens as a sweet, nutty, woody & spicy melange where initially no one note stands out above the rest, but as it comes into focus l can pick out cinnamon, rum & vanilla most clearly. l've seen complaints on the Other Site about the cumin, but it's not that prominent for me. Neither does it smell like Nutella or cigarettes, as some seem to think. There's no chocolate here, & it doesn't strike me as smoky. lt's in the same ballpark as Praline in Maple & Noir Exquis, but it's sweeter than those two, though still not too sweet. lt slowly dries down to a smooth, nutty vanilla, very soft seven hours in. A very enjoyable, autumnal fragrance, the only frustration here is that the delicious opening phase doesn't last longer...
21st March 2023
Exclusive to Selfridges in the uk.

Now this, Its pretty damn good,

It smells likely lightly spiced Nut milk with a hints of vanilla syrup not to much syrup. The interesting thing despite smelling like this it doesn't come across as cloying or muddy. I can see my self getting a bottle of this when the weather turns colder a thumbs up from me.
2nd June 2022